Staff Spotlight : Marq Harvey

Staff Spotlight : Marq Harvey

Meet Marq Harvey!

Marq has served as a case manager with Taylor King Law for 3 years. “My favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law is working with a group of selfless individuals who daily dedicate themselves to helping the sick and injured at a time when they need it most.”

Outside of the office, Marq enjoys grilling out, walking local trails, and being with his family. Marq and his wife, Katrina, have a daughter who just recently turned one, Kennedy. Marq is happiest when he’s spending time with his family, adding “they are truly remarkable.”

Books are an additional love of Marq’s, “I couldn’t live without reading. I think it’s amazing how many things you can learn, and places you can explore through a good book.” If given any superhero power, Marq would choose the ability to master whatever book he touches; and his favorite way to spend $20 is exploring the book section at the Hot Springs Goodwill.

First Thing After You Win the Lottery? Hire a good attorney.

If You Could Only Eat One Meal? A double-double combo from In-N-Out, with fries “animal style.”

Favorite Way to Spend a Saturday? Grilling out with friends and family.

Favorite Season? Winter

Favorite Place You’ve Traveled To? The beach in Oceanside, California. The nighttime bonfires there are so beautiful that it’s hard to put into words.

Favorite Place in Arkansas? DeGray Lake is hands down my favorite.