Nearby the intersection of interstates 40 and 540 lies the 2nd largest city in Arkansas: Fort Smith. Along with a booming population comes an increasing number of cars and trucks on the road. Interstate 40, in particular, has its fair share of semi-truck accidents.

During a truck accident, responsibility and liability can vary greatly: including the driver, the owner, whomever is leasing the truck or trailer, the manufacturer of the vehicle, and/or the shipper and loader of the cargo. Determining liability is an early and necessary step in any car accident claim; but determining the responsible insurance in regards to a semi-truck accident can be an enormous task. Those affected by an accident involving a semi-truck are facing potentially severe injuries. By hiring an experienced, local semi-truck accident lawyer in Fort Smith, you could save yourself time, frustration, and even money; allowing you to focus on your recovery.

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