Becky Jones


Meet Becky!

Becky Jones has been with Taylor King Law for 8 years: she began her first two years in reception, and has now been a part of our intake department for six years.

Outside work, Becky is involved with her church, Manchester Methodist Church, established over 150 years ago by her husband's great, great grandmother. She also leaves Taylor King Law each day to teach children at Gymnastics Plus the “awesome sports of gymnastics and cheerleading.” And in her limited free time, loves to garden, and share her abundance with others.

She’s happiest when with her family. Becky’s husband, Ron McCaskill, who she’s been married to for over 40 years, “is a Southern Gentleman, who blesses [her] every day with acts of kindness.” [See Picture Above] And their son Barry, and his wife Haley, had Becky and Ron’s first grandchild in December.

Favorite place she’s traveled to? Becky back-packed Europe the summer after graduating from college: “I fell in love with the beauty of the Swiss Alps and always thought I would return.” Her current bucket list, though, includes a future trip sky-diving!

Favorite way to spend a Saturday? It’s a tie between working in my garden and holding my precious grandson.

Favorite way to spend $20? Surprising someone in need.

Favorite place in Arkansas? Home sweet home, in the country.

Favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law? Expanding my education of people.


Staff Spotlight on Scott Willett


Meet Scott Willett!

Scott has been with Taylor King Law for a little over a year and a half, currently operating as our firm's Director of Disbursements.

"It's a close one. I love Smackover, my hometown. Nothing compares to going home. But I'm a huge fan of Northwest Arkansas; it's beautiful, plus that's where my Razorbacks play." We should've known when we asked Scott about his favorite place in Arkansas he'd focus on family and college football. Scott's happiest when he's hanging out with his family and watching Razorback football. "I'm fortunate to have over married BIG TIME! My wife, Jessie, is the most beautiful, kind, coolest girl I've ever known." Together they have two boys, Kaden and Kylar. Beyond football, Scott enjoys hunting, coaching his boys, and making people laugh.

When asked, Scott said he couldn't live without his faith. "I don't know how many times God has brought me through a situation when it seemed like there was no way out."

If he could travel anywhere, he'd go to Hawaii. And if Scott could learn to do anything, he'd learn to work on cars.

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Superhero Power: Flying. "How could anyone not want to fly? C'mon!"

Favorite Line From a Movie: "So you're telling me there's a chance." Dumb and Dumber

Favorite Way to Spend a Saturday: Watching college football.

Favorite Thing About Working at Taylor King Law: The people! I love the people I work with!


Meet Alicia Trejo!

Alicia started in the intake department with Taylor King Law over a year and a half ago, and is now a case manager in the Arkadelphia office.

She's happiest when she's with her kids. Outside of work, Alicia enjoys spending time with them, and their new dog, Kobe (not named after Kobe Bryant).

When asked her favorite place she's traveled to, Alicia said when she was young she went to Mexico to visit her grandma. "My parents told me that I was going on vacation but I had to wash my clothes on a washboard!" Alicia hopes to someday visit New York City, and if she were to win the lottery, she'd travel with friends and family to Disney World.

If only allowed to eat one meal for the rest of her life, Alicia said she'd eat fajita chicken chimichangas from here on out. But the one thing she couldn't live without? "Hot Cheetos!!"

Favorite Book: The Fault in Our Stars

Favorite Superhero Power: Invisibility

Favorite Place to Visit in Arkansas: Fayetteville

Favorite Movie Line: "Show me the money!" - Jerry Maguire

Favorite Thing about Working at Taylor King Law: My coworkers


Meet Bobby Wheeler!

Bobby has been a part of our Taylor King team for almost two years. He has served as a case manager and is now a litigation assistant in our North Little Rock office.

Outside of work, Bobby enjoys spending time with his wife, Jill. They love singing together, exploring Arkansas, and going on an occasional road trip to see their favorite musical, Hamilton.

He considers himself happiest when he’s outside around a warm fire during the fall with family and friends. The one food that he could eat over and over? BBQ Ribs from Blues City Café in Memphis, TN. The only thing he has to say about it? “Go there. Now.”

If he were to win the lottery, he and Jill would pack their bags and travel the world! Considering how much Bobby loves music, he most likely wouldn’t leave the house without his favorite albums as well.

When asked if there is anything he would love to learn to do he said, “Play the guitar like John Mayer, sing like John Legend, and dance like Bruno Mars.”

Favorite Color: Crimson

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Way to Spend $20: Starbucks

Favorite Breakfast Food: Chocolate Gravy & Biscuits

Favorite Thing about Working at Taylor King Law: Knowing the company genuinely cares about its clients and employees.

staff spotlight taylor king law arkansas

Meet John T!

If you have called Taylor King Law, chances are you have spoken with John. He has been with the firm for a little over 6 years. First hired as an investigator, he then became a case manager and now works as an intake specialist.

John spends a lot of time with his family. He has two children, one grandchild, and three siblings. He enjoys exercising and working out. When he isn’t at work you can always find him at church, Brookshire’s, or Walmart.

Finish the sentence:

One thing I couldn’t live without…”water.”

One meal I could eat the rest of my life...”anything with seafood.”

If I won the lottery the first thing I would do is…”Tithe”

If I could learn to do anything it would be…”learn to play piano or guitar.”

If I was a crayon, I would be…”green. It represents growth and health.”

My favorite line from a movie is…”’Call me crazy, one more time.’ –Hancock”

My favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law is…”The family atmosphere at the office. Everybody is so friendly and helpful. Also, we have the greatest boss in the world!”

staff spotlight taylor king law arkansas

Meet Blake!

Blake has been with Taylor King Law for a little over two years; he’s served as both an intern and case manager and is now an intake specialist. In his spare time you can find him studying, since he’s working on his graduate degree in public administration.

He could eat fried chicken and hot sauce with mashed potatoes and gravy every day for the rest of his life. Blake’s favorite book is The Hobbit. If he won the lottery, he would pay off his student loan debt. If Blake were a crayon, he would be blue because “it is a calming color.” Blake also loves music, and would like to learn to play guitar or the piano.

Blake’s favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law are his co-workers and “knowing that we help our clients get settlements they deserve.”

Taylor king law staff spotlight arkansas personal injury

Meet Katie!

Katie D. has been with our Taylor King Law team for almost a month now, and works as a case manager in our Arkadelphia office. She grew up in Arkadelphia as an only child and recently graduated from Henderson State University.

Katie loves to make people look good! She spends a lot of her time outside of work doing makeup for special events, and also assisting a local wedding photographer on the weekends.

Finish the sentence:

I couldn’t live without…”anything beauty product related, have to have it.”

If I could learn to do anything it would be… “play guitar or piano.”

If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is... “build up my makeup kit.”

One meal I couldn’t live without the rest of my life… “I live for a good salad. The Honeycomb Tropical Salad used to be my go to at least three times a week.”

If I was a crayon, I would be…”Teal – it is a bright, fun color.” (We agree that this color matches Katie’s personality!)

My favorite line from a movie is… “’Oh you think darkness is your ally? But you merely adopted the dark.’ –Bane (Batman)”

My favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law… “My fellow coworkers. The employee morale is incredible here, and everyone had been so helpful as I learn the ropes!”

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Meet Alayna!

Alayna joined our team in Springdale in 2016 as a case manager after graduating from Ouachita Baptist University.

She’s happiest when spending time with her family, whether that’s exploring outside or curling up on the couch to watch movies. Alayna and her husband, John, have been married for 18 months and have two cats, Milo and Dax.

Life According to Alayna:

If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is… Travel! There are so many places and cultures I’d like to experience.

The one meal I could eat every day is… Chickfila! No doubt.

I’d love to learn how to… Scuba dive. 

My favorite thing about my job is… When clients tell me they’re thankful to have hired us. Nothing feels better than knowing you’ve done a good job and helped someone when they need it! 

Taylor King Law staff spotlight Cheston

Here at Taylor King Law, we believe our incredible staff and attorneys make all the difference. We couldn't be On Your Side, By Your Side without them!

This week, meet Cheston!

Cheston joined our Taylor King Law team in 2015. He currently serves as Litigation Assistant and In-House IT Manager (in other words, he spends a lot of time fixing everything the rest of us manage to break).

Cheston lives in Arkadelphia with his wonderful wife, Heather, and their two dogs, Archie and Henry. He is a graduate of Henderson State University and will attend the University of Arkansas School of Law (Woo Pig Sooie!) in the fall.

Life According to Cheston:

I'm happiest when... "I finish a run or hit a drive right down the fairway."

I couldn't live without... "Can I be cheesy? My wife. I would be lost without her."

If I were a crayon, I would be... "Macaroni and Cheese. It's halfway between yellow and orange, and it seems like you'd never need it, but you end up using it for all yellow/orange needs. It's versatile. I also really like macaroni and cheese."

My favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law... "Being a part of such a great team of people. They really are like family."


Taylor King Law staff spotlight Kathy

Meet Kathy!

Kathy G. works in our litigation department and has been a part of the Taylor King team for over 4 years.

She lives in Arkadelphia with her husband/best friend, Jonathan. They have 5 children and 2 beautiful granddaughters. 

In her free time, you’ll find Kathy in the outdoors – hunting, fishing, and taking long walks with her family are some of her favorite ways to spend a Saturday.

A few of Kathy's favorites:

If I had to eat the same meal for the rest of my life, it would be… Grilled chicken salad.

I couldn’t live without… Jesus!

My favorite movie quote is… from Forrest Gump: “My Mama always said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.’”

The best part of my job is… Knowing that we help people! I love the work that our firm does for people in Arkansas, and I love being a part of it.