The Fourth of July 2012 was not a day of celebration for the Hendrickson family of Fort Wayne, Ind.  

The Collision

James R. Hendrickson and his wife Mary Catherine, riding a motorcycle, were approaching the intersection of Ardmore and Covington just after noon when they were hit by a car driven by Charniece Arnold.

Two Fatalities

James was declared dead at the scene. Catherine, his wife, who was seriously injured, was transported to a nearby hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries.

A Lawsuit with Merit

Four days later, Heather R. Hendrickson, administrator of the estate of both the deceased filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Arnold, citing failure to exercise reasonable care in the inspection, repair, maintenance, and operation of her car. The lawsuit maintained that Arnold breached her duties, and was reckless and/or negligent.
The claim sought restitution of medical expenses, funeral costs, and attorney fees.

Safety is Paramount

Many motorcycle accidents result in brain injuries. The most critical factor in preventing and reducing brain injuries is the use of the safety helmet. A safety helmet which complies with the relevant standards is by far the most effective countermeasure to brain injuries. Its effectiveness has been more than proved in thousands of motorcycle accidents, where a helmeted rider or pillion passenger has demonstrated significantly less head and spinal damage in all types and all levels of injury.

Back and Forth

At the behest of the federal government, in the early 1970s, nearly all states had motorcycle laws in place. But since then many states have repealed these laws because many people believe it should be their choice on whether or not to wear a helmet. Studies have shown irrefutably that states where helmet laws exist save eight times more lives than states where the laws have been repealed. But this does not mean anything to the people who believe freedom is more important. The people that died chose not to wear a helmet, it was their prerogative. This is an ongoing debate.

Selfish Behavior

If you or a member of your family has sustained an injury because of a motorcycle accident then consult a motorcycle accident attorney to see whether you have a case for damages and to see some sort of financial revenge. Many motorcycle accidents are caused because of negligent and reckless driving on the part of 4-wheelers (a car) who try to crowd a motorcycle off the road.