Brain injuries can arise from vastly differing causes like an automobile accident, medical malpractice, workplace injury, or some product liability, with no fault on your part. Apart from the physical and emotional trauma, a brain injury can also bring about a severe drain on your financial resources and it is thus imperative that you consult a brain injury lawyer at the earnest to increase your chances of receiving the claims due to you. So, how do you choose a lawyer who can do the job best? Here are some tips:

  • Choose a lawyer who specializes in handling traumatic brain injury cases. While a civil trial lawyer will be able to grasp the basic legal concerns of a brain injury case, you need a specialized brain injury attorney to delve into the complex medical issues related to the diagnosis and prognosis of the injured person and thus come up with an accurate estimate of the dues.

  • Enquire into the track record of the lawyer. Prove into the records of a brain injury lawyer to find out the percentage of his cases that have gone on trial or whether he is one of those lawyers who has a reputation for getting his cases settled outside the ambit of the court. These lawyers are the darlings of insurance companies but you should steer clear of them! Some insurance companies are known to employ subtle pressure tactics and make you settle for an amount that is less than feasible for you or should be.

    • You do not have to go to court though. Many an outstanding attorney can negotiate well, extract the payment that is suitable for you, and save you a lot of time by avoiding the vagaries of the courts.

  • Choose a lawyer only after checking his credentials. Choose a brain injury attorney only after you have thoroughly probed into his credentials. You can do this by asking for references from him or enquiring at the local or national association of trial lawyers. And while you are it, make sure that the lawyer has a valid license to practice in your state. If the lawyer works for a firm, check the credentials of the firm and ensure that it has the resources onboard or access to them, who can act as witnesses in your case.

Merit Matters, not Slick Suits and Flashy Websites

There may be many brain injury lawyers practicing in your community or your city. But you have to make sure that you see beyond the tall claims and dubious reputations of some of them and hire for yourself the services of the best brain injury attorney.