Slip and fall accidents can occur almost anywhere, from a private home to a commercial store. The location presents certain unique circumstances that are likely to influence the insurance settlement or outcome of the lawsuit. Here are certain common locations where slip and fall accidents can occur and the issues involved with these locations.

Commercial Stores

Slip and fall accidents occurring at supermarkets, malls, and grocery stores are usually quite complex, since it is difficult to prove negligence of the storeowner or management. These stores will also require filing of incident report that will cover where, when, and how the accident occurred.

Resorts and Hotels

Hotels will also have their own policies in dealing with slip and fall cases, and therefore the victim should be aware of the required procedures for giving notice of the accident, asking for medical assistance and so on.

Private Homes

At a private home, a slip and fall accident can be quite tricky, as you will be suing someone you know. The homeowner will most probably have insurance coverage, and therefore the victim will have to deal with the insurance company first, before going to trial.

Not only this, but this person may also know where you live. This brings up an entirely new set of thoughts. This person may also know some people you know. So if there is any embarrassing or private moments revealed in this case then some of your most tightly guarded secrets could leak around the community or somehow end up on Facebook one day.

You may win the case but perhaps this person is quite popular in vital social circles throughout the county, go after this person could have unintended professional consequences for you down the road. But if you are professional about it and this locally well know person is straight up, they will know they made a mistake and should have to pay something.

Public Areas

A government entity is usually liable when slip and fall accident occurs in public place. One has to first know the entity responsible and then file the claim according to the established procedure. 

Rented Premises

Slip and fall accident on rented premises could be fault of the property owner, tenant, or both. The circumstances of the accident will often establish the party responsible for the dangerous condition.


Slip and fall accident occurring at workplaces are covered by workers compensation insurance, and in some circumstances the case might have to be filed against the employer.

Each of these locations can present a unique challenge for claiming compensation and therefore it is wise to hire an accident attorney who specializes in slip and fall cases.