When you have sustained minor injuries such as small cuts and bruises in your slip and fall accident and the guilty party is willing to settle, you do not need a lawyer. However, for injuries that are more serious, you definitely need a lawyer, since slip and fall cases are generally difficult to win in court and negotiations can be tricky.

An Attorney who Garners Results

There are many quality defenses available to property owners and many courts consider most slip and fall lawsuits to be frivolous. Therefore, you need a prudent, fantastic, and experienced attorney who can negotiate your claim skillfully and fight your case effectively in court.

Secondly, when you are suing a business entity or a wealthy property owner, they will make sure to have excellent legal representation and you do not stand a chance of negotiating a reasonable settlement or winning a lawsuit against such professionals. You will have to prove the existence of a dangerous situation, the situation occurred on the said property, and the owner should have known about it and is responsible for the accident. A strategic and focused lawyer will help your case by:

  • Collecting the required evidence
  • Locating and talking to witnesses
  • Calculate the value of your case
  • Hire expert witnesses who can provide testimony that can prove the negligence of the property owner
  • Research various legal arguments to strengthen you case
  • Skillfully negotiate a settlement
  • Work with the opposing attorney or insurance adjuster to arrive at a fair settlement

Starting Out Right

It is also important to involve a lawyer as early as possible in the case, since you are likely to make mistakes that cost you a lot in the end. Secondly, hiring a slip and fall attorney is not going to cost you anything initially, since most lawyers work on contingency basis, and take only a percentage of the settlement amount.

Their drive to see a positive outcome is just as strong as yours!