If you have been injured because of a defective product, it’s natural that you’ll want to recover damages and compensation for your suffering. But that’s easier said than done, because you will have to first determine all the companies and people who may be liable and raise a claim against them individually. The more defendants you can identify, the better your chances are of being properly recompensed.
In general, most states agree on who the kinds of defendants are in defective products law.

All Links in the Distribution Chain

In general all links in the distribution chain of the defective product should be cited as defendants. This starts right from the manufacturer thorough to the retailer and those in between. By this you can include the designer of the product, and all those involved in marketing it provided you can prove that they had some connection with the defect.

No One is Left Out

If the defective product is a component of a larger product then the manufacturer of the larger product is also a defendant. For example if you buy an electric kettle with a defective switch because of which you have been injured, you should raise a claim against the manufacturer of the switch and also the manufacturer of the kettle which used a defective component.

The Seller is not Exempt Either

The retailer which played no part in manufacture is equally responsible and liable for selling a defective product. Any entity involved in distribution can reasonably be held responsible and this could include a host of wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers in between.

Receiving a Fair Amount

There is a very good reason why you should cite as many defendants as you possibly can. If one of your defendants is unable to pay, regardless of the reason, you can still collect from the others. If your case is legitimate, you deserve something. This is certainly the case if you have missed work. Missing work hurts you in many ways and does not bode well for you in terms of receiving that promotion. But trying to pin someone to the wall who is innocent or demanding far too much money for a minor injury does not help the job picture because this discourages business to expand and prevents them from flourishing. Lawsuit claims should be measured and not extreme; it does not matter how hot the coffee is.  

Whom to Seek

Consult a defective products attorney if you are planning a lawsuit. He will undoubtedly recommend filing your claim from defendants “jointly and severally” to reinforce the recovery of the full amount of compensation awarded.