In a number of motor vehicle accidents, brakes are to blame. In most cases the accident could have been caused by defective brakes, but in a number of cases which pertain not merely to cars but to trucks as well, the brakes could have an inherent manufacturing defect. Numerous instances have arisen in the past necessitating recalls while in other cases the outcome has been serious injury to the drivers or occupants.

Brakes Gave Way at the Worst Time

An example which has resulted in several accidents is that of defective parking brakes. In a case in Pennsylvania, a Ford pickup truck ran over a baby, crushing its head, because of failure of the parking brakes which caused the truck to roll. This is tragic on every count. There could be some child neglect here as well because how or why was the child even in front of the car in the first place? But this is another topic. The parking brakes failed and this is clearly something that should not happen.

Another Child

In a somewhat similar case in Nevada, the parking brake of another pickup truck, also a Ford, released suddenly allowing
the vehicle to roll down a driveway sloping downward. The truck picked up speed hitting a three-year old boy and killing him. This is another case where the main and only real victim was a child. This is just horrific and there are not words to describe such terrible luck.

Huge Numbers

In both cases, highly-skilled specialist defective brake attorneys from a defective product law firm appeared for the plaintiffs. In the first incident the issue did not go to trial but was resolved out of court for a significant settlement. In the second case damages to the tune of $152 million were awarded against the defendant, the Ford Motor Co. Now this is extreme and this is one reason why jobs have gone overseas to cut costs. You lost a child but your next ten generations are paid for.

A Mismanaged Company for Decades

Over the years a number of parking brake accidents have occurred on a range of trucks and cars. In 2005, a national class action was brought against General Motors by disgruntled owners of some of their vehicles who were called upon to pay around $500 each for a parking brake replacement. This was just one of the many mistakes GM made that led to their bankruptcy and begging Uncle Sam for a bailout that will never be repaid.
Many parking brake problems are unheard of because of out-of-court settlements, while many more are probably still in the offing. Well, if you plan on getting money from broke or indebt car companies, there are plenty of them.

File the Paperwork

If you know of anyone who has been injured because of defective parking brakes then consult a defective brake attorney because you might have a claim for damages and compensation.