Arkansas speed limit laws

Bradi Bear's confession time. Lately I've had this NEED FOR SPEED at the park. I just love the way the wind whips in my face when I run, tongue out, chasing other dogs. The other day on the way home from the park, I had to AMAZING realization that I'd feel like I was running even faster if I hung my head out the window of the car. I realized this wasn't going to happen when mom clicked on my seatbelt. I may or may not have whined the entire way home.

Ok...I'm coming clean; I did say this was confession time: I not only whined, but pouted and strained to get near the window until Mom gave in. She agreed to let me stick my head out the window while she drove through the parking lot at a LITERAL snail's pace. Wow fun. I was thinking SPEED, WOMAN, SPEED!

When we got home, I decided to do some investigating on this whole "speed limit" thing. Here's what I found...

We can date speed limits all the way back to 1652! The colony now known as New York prohibited wagons, carts, and sleighs to be driven at a gallop. With a rise in gas prices many states started enforcing speed limit laws to bring in money. Costly fines have been a constant theme throughout speed limit history!

In 1974, President Richard Nixon agreed to a national law of state regulated speeds of 55 mph. This caused a HUGE drop in the traffic fatality rate...hmm, maybe there is a connection. In 1995 the power was handed back to states to regulate their own maximum speed. Most states have varying maximum speeds for specific roads, types of cars, and weather conditions.

Arkansas sets its speed limit at 70 for both cars and trucks on rural interstates, 60 on urban interstates, and 65 on other limited access roads.

In 2014, speeding was a contributing factor to 28% of motor vehicle crash deaths. The percentage of deaths was higher on minor roads than on major interstates or highways. You can find out more from the Highway Loss Data Institute's Fatality Facts page. To make a long story short, driving fast is dangerous! Speed limits really are there for a reason and purpose, not to ruin our fun (like I thought Momma was doing). They take into consideration the road condition, car and passenger frequency, and traffic amount to safely get you where you need to a timely manner!

So the next time you're tempted to accelerate past the speed limit because "there aren't any cops in this area," remember that getting a speeding ticket isn't the worst thing that can happen. Causing a wreck and injuring yourself and others is much worse. 

If you've been injured in an accident where someone was driving over the posted speed limit, you may have a legal claim to compensation. The attorneys at Taylor King Law will listen to your story and help you get back on your feet. You can call us today at 1-800-CAR-WRECK (800-227-9732) to begin your FREE consultation. On your side, by your side - and under the speed limit (I may have taken creative license with that one)! 


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