Hello World Wide Web! It has been a while since my big TV debut with good ol' Taylor King...aka Pops...so I thought yall could use a catch up on what I've been getting my nose into.

Let's just start from when we first met- my claim to fame on the Taylor King and Associates commercial! What...A...Day... Good thing the camera crew had some "pick me up" kibble on the sidelines, because filming with Pops and cousin Buddy really took it out of me! By the end of the day, even I needed some attention from the "fur and makeup" team!! It was pretty neat though; I learned all about our family's business! Pops is a personal injury lawyer, which means every day, he helps people all over Arkansas, Texarkana, and even West Memphis with anything from car wrecks to big truck accidents.

"We are on your side - by your side...woof woof!" 

I pick up things pretty quickly, huh? I also have Sit, Stand, and "EYYYYY Sic EM Bears" on lock. With a name like Bradi Bear you have to be able to cheer for your mom's alma mater and favorite sports team!

Anyways, apparently all my hard work in Arkansas paid off- because things started to get big (not just my size, even though I'm now a trim 55 pounds). Pops told me I was getting a fan base: phone calls, letters, and even some Facebook posts and comments. Mom said I was gonna get a big pup head. But I promise I'm really just your everyday, curly-haired Golden! My biggest "diva-move" may be that when it is raining outside...I make the executive decision that I actually don't "have to go" THAT bad after all...

I'll sleep in my kennel, but I'd rather snuggle with my mom on her bed. I love my orange ring and can't deny a good rawhide. I may whine/sigh when I yawn, but I don't bark at people because it is rude. I love living in Texas with Momma, but visits to Arkadelphia, Arkansas, to see the family and run wild can't be beat. Lawnmovers, mopeds, vacuums, and garbage bins are quite possibly the scariest things known to man...or pup. While mom is in class, I love a good walk around Baylor University's campus and new stadium. I think fetch is overrated. I am completely housebroken...except for the occasional "excited pee"...but really, you should just feel honored about those. I wanna grow up to be just like cousin Buddy - he keeps ol' Taylor King in line. I get really into holidays. I was the "Where's Waldo pup" for Halloween and matched my family in my Christmas pajamas. I graduated Puppy 1 School first in my class. It is a minor detail that I was the only one enrolled. Mom buys me a new toy almost every time she goes to the store, but I still think sticks are the coolest things ever. I go CRAZY for Puppichinos from Starbucks. I used to take my stuffed animal, Mr. Bear, with me everywhere I went. But now I'm a big girl and can do things on my own. That and I ripped out his squeaker by accident. (I'll have to ask Pops if he can take on one more personal injury case). I love visiting all the offices in Arkansas. Springdale and Little Rock are next on my list. Taking Pops on a walk is so much fun. I keep him at a good pace and then he feeds me marshmallows. I whole-heartedly believe I will always fit in mom's lap.

But how could anyone know any of that unless I let ya into my world a little bit? So here it is people- Welcome to Bradi Bear's Big World! I'll be posting pictures and blogs about all things Bradi Bear! Because - sorry mom, but I gotta give my people what they want!

                                                                                                                                         signatureBradi Bear King