Using social media with personal injury cases

TWEET TWEET...oh good @CuteEmergency just tweeted the sweetest baby pup in a bowtie.

I think I'll start a new board on Pinterest for fun workout plans...c'mon Mom, that walk around the same ol' block again? BORING...

Decisions, decisions....what filter to choose on Instagram for my mid-afternoon pupcake picture?

DANG! 15 new Facebook notifications?!

Let's be honest media is a huge part of our day! It is natural to want to share with the world what we care about, but if you've been injured in an accident and are making a personal injury claim, this can get sticky. It's common to forget that these are public sites and that sharing too much information can impact the case! But what is TOO MUCH? I'm so glad you asked! To be safe, Taylor King advises you to refrain from posting anything about the accident. And that means ANYTHING...especially photos of the injuries, details about the accident, or your own opinions.

If your New Years' Resolution wasn't to give up social media, have no fear, nobody is asking you to "go dark" for the time it takes to settle your case. You just need to think a little more carefully about any post you make on these sites. I've come up with what I like to call the 3Cs to help me remember what type of posts are appropriate for social media.

C1- Clean it up. Previous posts with profanity, talk of illegal activity, or suggestive photographs might not have anything to do with your current case, but could be material that the defense might use against you. Remember that social media is constantly being taken out of context!

C2- Character. Posts that show your character and commitment are the ones people want to see and read about: the new meal you made with your family, or latest toy you got the smallest and furriest member of your group (hint hint). Instead of posting about your case, try sharing about your education, professional goals, or church and charity involvement. Much better!

C3- Cooperation. The safest way to ensure your social media posts don't negatively affect your case is to avoid any controversial posts while your case is ongoing. The personal injury lawyers at Taylor King & Associates will work hard to help you get the settlement you deserve. COOPERATING with him or her and following the 3C's will help everyone!

Okay...I'm finished with my lecture! Gotta go check the latest update and see what all I've missed!

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