You read that title correctly! This month marks my two-year Work Anniversary (work-iversary...get it?!) here at Taylor King Law. It's hard to believe that it's been two whole years since Taylor King asked me to join his team permanently - and BOY has it been a great two years!

So much has happened: multiple TV segments have been shot featuring yours truly, new billboards can be seen all over Arkansas, new offices have been opened, we've lost and celebrated the life of good ol' cousin Buddy, and new lawyers have joined the Taylor King family (including one, Austin King, who really IS Taylor King's family). 

So how did I, an average pup with humble beginnings, get to where I am today - a pup with professional headshots, trending personal injury lawyer blog, and her very own facebook page? I'll start from the beginning...

Bradi Bear and Taylor King: The Early Years

It all started when Taylor King's daughter Maggie decided she was ready for a pup of her own. She'd been raised to love golden retrievers; Buddy and Lady King were both members of the King family since she was eight years old. So it was a no-brainer that she needed to have a golden as well.

That's where I come in! Maggie couldn't resist my adorable face and snuggly personality from the first time we met. And just like that, Maggie became my new Momma and I was adopted into the King family; little did I know I had a TV star as a puppy-cousin! 

Momma drove me in for a Hogs game on my first trip to Arkansas. I decided to skip the loud cheering and crowds for a nap and rawhide chew back at Taylor King's home. Apparently I made a great first impression on the entire King family, so much so that they invited me out to the commercial shoot the next morning. "We'll just see how it goes," Momma told me.

Before I knew it I scored a cameo spot in one of the commercials alongside my cousin Buddy, Taylor King's original sidekick! I was so honored and a little camera shy if we are being honest. And that was that- Momma and I packed up and headed back to her school in Texas. Until....

Bradi Bear Hits the Big Time 

I WENT VIRAL! Everyone loved the cute new pup in Taylor King's commercials. He was getting calls left and right asking about me and if I was in the office for a visit!

Taylor King called up Momma right then and there and told her he needed more Bradi Bear! Who could blame him? I begged and pleaded Mom to let me go back and dive right into this newfound fame...she told me I was getting a big head and to slow my roll. Hmph.

But a few months later, in March, Momma was finally convinced to let me join the Taylor King Law firm!!! I signed my contract (lawyers love contracts) and began writing blogs and posting pictures of my day-to-day activities! What a dream was so fun just telling my fans what I was up to!

But the more I hung around Taylor King and his attorneys, the more interested I got in the personal injury side of things. It is pretty fascinating! I asked Taylor King and Buddy if I could shadow them and learn the ropes...AND THEY SAID YES! So here I am, people: one snuggly pup with a face you can't tell "no" (or so I've heard), going two years strong at Taylor King Law! 

And I'm just getting started! 


                                                                                                                                   paw print transparentBradi Bear King