First point of business- I know a lot of you readers out there have been clients of Taylor King and Associates. The entire team, from case managers to lawyers, work hard to give every person the best experience possible during his or her time spent with us. Going through a personal injury of any kind, whether it be a car wreck or a slip and fall accident, can be devastating! We strive to let you focus on a smooth recovery while we handle your case! If a friend or family member ever happens to be in the same unfortunate situation of needing a personal injury lawyer due to an accident, send them our way! Referrals to Taylor King and Associates can help ensure them a team of attorneys who will work hard to get the case settled as quickly and easily as possible!

OK I know I'm being a little needy, but this brings me to my second point of discussion....

CONFESSION: I got a little happy on the Halloween Aisle the other day.

IMG 3048IMG 3057IMG 3058IMG 3065

I ONLY HAVE A COUPLE OF WEEKS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT IM GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN!!! And none of my current ideas are complete...

My Minnie Mouse costume needs a tutu...or should I be a cheetah for the night? Maybe a zebra...HEAR ME ROAR, wait do zebras roar? But you can never go wrong with a good superhero does Batman Bradi Bear sound to y'all? Please help me figure out what I'm going to be! Until then I'll be snacking on Halloween themed pupcakes!

                                                                                                                                              signatureBradi Bear King