It has been brought to my attention that we are officially in what's called the "Dog Days" of summer. At first I was excited because I thought this was a national holiday for dogs (y'all KNOW we deserve more than just one day). Nowadays, people seem to think that we call them dog days because even us pups are too hot to do much besides lay around and hope for a pupcake or two. But I am debunking that myth because a) I ALWAYS have enough energy to go for an evening stroll, thank you very much, and b) I, Bradi Bear King, am all about finding some facts. They might make me an investigator at Taylor King Law soon.

So. Dog days. It turns out that we got that term from the Greeks. Go figure. They thought that the hottest days of the year happened when Sirius, the "dog star," looked like it was rising before the sun. They also thought that other crazy things might happen during that time period, like fevers and catastrophes. Hmm. 

Now, if you are wondering, "Bradi Bear, would you please share your wisdom on how we can survive these crazy hot days?" then you are in luck! Not only am I chock-full of interesting historical tidbits, but I also have some helpful tips for keeping your pup cool until fall finally comes around. I know, I'm just such a giving pup. You don't have to thank me...but I wouldn't turn down a belly rub or really nice ear scratch.

Read on for my special dog-centric list of TOP ways to stay cool in these hot, hot days:

1. LOTS and LOTS of water! This goes for dogs and humans alike...we all need to stay hydrated! When it comes to water, your body actually cools off more quickly by drinking water than jumping into or swimming in it, although I do enjoy both activities. 

2. Sunscreen and Paw Guard. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes; they do make sunscreen for dogs (Amazon has everything...haven't we learned that by now?). Paw Guard is another lifesaver, this nifty little balm Momma puts on my paws before walks. It helps protect them against the hot ground! Our pup pads are super sensitive and can easily crack, which is VERY painful. Think about when a blister pops on YOUR feet...ugh. 

3. Take walks when it's coolest - in the morning or after the sun goes down. I try to avoid mid afternoon (around 3 pm is typically the hottest time of the day).

4. COOL COLLARS! Whoever thought of this nifty thing deserves unlimited raw hides and peanut butter! Little ice packs slide into the collar and keep me cool while I'm outside! Sometimes Momma even lets me wear it inside, because the way it's made doesn't let the ice melt out onto the floor or anything. It's a game changer.

5. Pup-sicles! Cooling off with a sweet frozen treat is one of my FAVORITE ways to keep cool in the summer (honestly anytime of year). There are tons of recipes on Pinterest for dog-safe frozen snacks, but some of my favorites include frozen Greek yogurt, fruit, and pumpkin!

If your fur baby has sunken eyes, seems unusually tired, has no appetite, a dry mouth, or is just mopey overall, these are all signs of dehydration in pets! Being aware of what your animal's body is trying to tell you is a very important thing to look out for! Sometimes on those SUPER hot days, it's better for us to just stay in the shade...or, even better, AIR CONDITIONING! 

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