Bath time. 

I knew this meant one of two things. I'd either run through one too many puddles and/or mud...or I WAS GOING TO ARKANSAS!!! The latter held to be true when Momma started packing up my essentials- my orange ring, rawhides, (now deflated) pink ball that I popped last week and refuse to let her throw away, and my kibble. Smellin good and coat newly fluffed/curled, I hopped in the car for a five-hour drive to see Taylor King and the family!

I was in and out of naps the entire ride- only awaking when big trucks would rumble past us. I'm adding those rides to my "scariest things list" because no way I'd wanna get in their way. Good thing I am pals with Taylor King, the accident attorney! I know he is always on my side, by my side...but even with that being so; I wasn't risking anything and buckled up my pup-belt.

I arrived in Arkadelphia, Arkansas to a huge "welcome home" dinner- complete with slow cooked roast and grilled vegetables. I was a little confused when Mom got out my kibble after Pops and Sugar (Taylor and Terri King) had worked so hard on my meal. But I didn't argue and instead settled for licking everyone's fingers after they had finished. 

The. Easter. Bunny...go ahead and add him to the list as well.

Now, I'm a very animal-friendly pup. I play nice with others, to say the least. But I wasn't so sure about this mysterious "Easter Bunny" everyone kept mentioning. He just hops around places...hiding things...leaving presents? It all seems a little too suspicious if you ask me. Sunday morning, I came downstairs with Mom, minding my own business, when- BAM! Something was snapped around my head!

"Look at what the Easter Bunny brought you!!!" My mother cooed as what seemed like the weight of the world was pushing down and around my own petite ears. The iPhone was out snappin pics like always, so I knew from past experience that if I held still for her to "get her shot," It would all be over quicker. Paparazzi...geez

Well, I was right about that bunny. Even though I can pull off the bunny ear head band way better than he can...I wouldn't mind it if next year, that bunny just hopped right OVER the King House.

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