Bradi Bear's Thanksgiving Thankful List

Turkey Day is just around the corner! I decided to poll the Taylor King Law Firm's office staff on their Thanksgiving Day festivities and traditions. HERE ARE THE RESULTS:Thanksgiving Food Favorites
Now "Turkey Day" isn't all about turkey, plus Taylor King only gives me ham scraps under the table when Momma isn't looking. It's really a day to stop and think back over the past 11 months on what all we have to be thankful for this holiday season. I'm thankful for the little things Thanksgiving brings like orange and red leaves for me to race through while subtle wind blows to cool me off. I'm thankful for pumpkin-flavored pup treats and the way the house smells of spices all the time. I'm thankful for dog parks, seatbelts, my orange ring, tennis balls, sticks, and running off leash. Goodness, it doesn't stop there; I'm thankful for bigger things too like being a part of the Taylor King family and Law Firm. They support my ever-growing interest in car safety and never-ceasing need for belly rubs. I'm afraid I might miss something, and you know how I love lists, so I've decided to collaborate with Taylor King to make a join "Thankful For" List! Here it is...

  1. Thankful for the ongoing trust our clients continue to place in the Taylor King Law Firm
  2. Proud to be apart of a country that continues to be free and have an abundance of opportunity
  3. Bacon Scented Squeaky Balls (I convinced him this had to make the list)
  4. Blessed to truly look forward to going into the office everyday, enjoying the work I do  
  5. Grateful to work along side my (Taylor's) son, Austin King

That's the short list...I could go on and on but I smell something in the kitchen and need to go investigate! Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 

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