The sweet tooth gene is all genetics. Taylor King (Pops) passed it down to his daughter (my momma) and she gave it to me. We all view a little sugar as that small BOOST you need to get through the day. The entire Taylor King and Associates team daily negotiates reasonable settlements with insurance companies. They do it all, negotiate, settle, and file your case in court, to make it as easy on you as possible! If you can't come to them, they come to you! As a personal injury lawyer, Taylor King has to give a lot of energy to give his "best self" to his clients. That all sounds exhausting to me! I'm a goner if I don't get ATLEAST two naps a day. So I know when Pops is still on your side by your side after a long day at court, travel, and meetings he's had some help from a  Snickers bar...or two.

I have found my version of a Snickers bar pick me up. Pupcakes.

If you thought money was the only good thing that ATMs delivered... you obviously have never had a pupcake shoot out one of those things. I seemed skeptical because it was quite toasty outside and there was a long line of people waiting to get themselves and their pups a little snack. But Momma said she'd wait for me. People would go up to the screen and with a few quick touches, a magic door would close then reopen with little cardboard boxes. It was a dream come true to anyone with a love for icing or low blood sugar. It was finally our turn and momma picked the puppy bone picture- a sugar free version with yogurt icing and orange bone sprinkle of course. 

"Patience is a virtue" Something I'm still working on mastering. It is just SOOO tempting when you are waving a treat in my face to sit there still or in a "down" position until someone says the words "ok". But that's what I did for my pupcake.

IMG 0983IMG 0981 2IMG 0984 2

waiting......still waiting....oh it smells so good...can't look it...torture....oh SHE SAID IT IM GOING IN!!!

Little did I know Momma had YET to take the paper wrapper off the outside of the cake bottom. I didn't mind though, popped that thing down in one bite. 

I'll have to bring Pop's a pupcake next time I visit him in Arkansas. He may just replace his Snickers addiction. But probably not.


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