IMG 1667Happy Father's Day Dad!! Mom thought a day at the lake would be a great way to spend Father's Day! I didn't think the lake sounded too bad either...maybe because I had no idea "the lake" was code for one huge bathtub. I don't think that thing ever ended, and I sure couldn't see the bottom! There is no telling how many dirty dogs (and who knows what else) took a soak in that thing for it to turn that color!

Taylor King (aka Pops) talks about how fun Lake Degray in Arkadelphia, Arkansas is, so I trusted y'all and got in the boat. Pops, being the personal injury lawyer that he is, teaches safety first! But when Mom pulled out that huge orange life vest, I thought she had to be kidding. I mean Golden Retrievers are bred to love water! Right? I mean I can't get enough of the sprinkler.

But Mom strapped that thing on me before we were even out of the car. She is SUCH a worrier. But I understand she wasn't taking any chances because Buddy and Taylor King need me up in Arkansas at Taylor King and Associates. Plus I think I pulled it off pretty well.

Anyways, turns out I was pretty grateful for the thing once the boat took off. I've never moved so quickly! The wind was whipping in my face and the water almost stung when it splashed up on me! I was holding onto Mom with my paws for my pup life! WERE THESE PEOPLE CRAZY?!?! This is a personal injury just WAITING to happen... WHAT WOULD TAYLOR KING THINK OF HIS DAUGHTER? But nobody was acting like anything was out of the normal! I was frantically running from Mom to Dad because I couldn't tell who was more sane between the two, but both seemed to actually be enjoying this crazy ride.

Then the worst happened...we stopped. Stranded, in the middle of the lake, no land in any direction! Yes, I was thankful for a break from the 1000 mile per hour wind, but I just knew I was stuck out there forever. I still don't understand how everyone remained so calm, especially mom (she normally freaks over everythingggg, like big deal, so what if the Great Dane next door and I always want to play when we see each other? Don't hold my leash so tight and I won't pull you down!) But nope, not one person acted like rocking back and forth in this grey, bottomless bath was anything to bat an eye at. 

I was working out a plan to get us back to shore when I saw one of the scariest things out of the corner of my eye. Dad must have gotten too overwhelmed with our current situation because he JUMPED right into the water! I didn't even think before I ran over to the edge and jumped in after him! It didn't matter how scared I was - it was Father's Day for goodness sake, plus nobody else seemed to be going in after him! Something came over me and I started to paddle to Dad!

He was smiling and laughing when I got to him, I'm sure over joyed that I rescued him from the awful bathwater. I turned around and led him back to the "safety" of our boat. Mom got everything on video too (look for it on my Facebook page Bradibearsbigworld) Happy to save your life Dad, anytime...I bet Mom rethinks such dangerous outings from now on.

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