Bradi Bear's Arkansas storm safety guide

I am not the biggest fan of storms....honestly, I chant the song "Rain, rain go away, come again another day" anytime it starts raining outside. Now I know some of you are "rain is relaxing and my favorite kind of weather" people...but hear me out.

1. Do you ever have to use the restroom in the rain? No. So I'll tell you how much fun it is, as someone for whom it is the ONLY option. None.

2. Rain ruins perfectly good park days. Indoors doesn't have nearly as much running room.

3. Rain brings thunder, and thunder is loud. Loud noises are not my friend.

So April is here and in Arkansas, you know what that means...sunshine one day, a monsoon the next! You never know what you are going to could even change mid-day! That reminds me of a very traumatic story.

So Momma and I have been working on this thing called "trust" lately. It consists of how long I'm allowed to stay out in the house unsupervised while she runs errands. I gain trust when she comes back to everything as she left it, and apparently lose trust when things aren't so tidy when she returns.

Who knew she didn't like half chewed blankets or sheet corners?! I thought it gave the room character. Anyways...

I had been gaining lots of trust lately while Momma went to the grocery store or ran quick errands. So she decided I was ready to be left for a full day (she was going to come back for potty breaks of course). It was a really pretty day and momma left the blinds open for me to patrol all things happening outside.

Only a few hours later that the sky turned black and rain started pouring. The thunder was shaking the entire place, I swear! I had no idea WHAT to do or WHERE to go! Obviously it made the most sense to begin shredding every rug in sight.

Once the rug was in tatters, I remembered the safety of my kennel. I darted in there and curled in the back corner until Momma finally got home, AGES later. She claims it was only 15 minutes after the storm started but that woman must be crazy.

These days, I don't get to be left out much for longer then a quick trip to the mail box... RIP, rugs.

In all seriousness, us pets don't understand storms! They scare the living daylights out of us and we really don't know how to protect ourselves. I felt better in my kennel because I knew it as safe and it diminished some of the noise from outside.

Having this option for your own pet can help calm them during a storm. I also felt much better when Momma got home and could be with me. I didn't like being alone and she didn't seem upset about the storm. I could pick up on her calmness and felt reassured that things would be okay. Still not a fan of storms though.

As scary as storms can be at home, they're even worse on the road! Check out Taylor King's blog post for tips for driving safely through rain and stormy Arkansas weather. 


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