I'll be the first to tell you- humans LOVE their phones. Maybe it's because my pup paws don't text all that easily, but I really don't understand the obsession. Wouldn't you much rather chew on a rope or that really cool stick outside over staring at a tiny screen that buzzes unexpectedly!

Momma took a pledge to put away her phone when she is in the car in order to protect both of us! You can't focus on the road 100% like you need to! Texting, talking on the phone, looking at what song to play next, or even google searching where you are going can cause so many avoidable accidents! Taylor King calls this "distractive driving" and was telling me what a huge problem it is during the summer! Come on people, Summer Time is about SUNS OUT TONGUES OUT! We don't have time for car accidents, rear-ends, and repairs!

Apparently I had to come all the way to Taylor King's house in Arkadelphia, Arkansas to tell people how important this information is! Mom and I drove straight to Taylor King Law (phones away of course). When I got there I got to meet the new staff! The five new lawyers all got my Bradi Bear stamp of approval. All of the 17 lawyers, Pops, Buddy, and I worked all day on ways to let people know how dangerous multi-tasking phones and driving can be. What it comes down to is understanding that it really ISN'T multi-tasking! When you are behind the wheel, you need to protect yourself, passengers, and other surrounding drivers from any distractions! 

At the end of the day, we were all DOG tired and Taylor King drove me and Buddy home (windows down, wind in our faces...Buddy and I at least). When we got there, the best surprise was waiting for me!

All of my favorite people were around the pool with burgers, baked beans, and watermelon! I'd never smelt so many good smelling smells in one place at one time (and you know that is some serious talking because I visit sonic often). Momma even had a pool special Bradi Bear sized- I'm still not a fan of those "lakes" and other big bodies of water. And that swimming pool looked a little fishy.

It is great being home with the Taylor King family - hey, MY family! It's as sweet as that piece of watermelon I snagged outta Momma's hand when she wasn't looking!!

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