bradi bear taylor king law breast cancer awareness

As you all know, I am a pup with style. I follow all the fashion rules: no white after Labor Day, pastels in the spring, and warmer colors in the fall.

So I was understandably shocked when October rolled around and I began seeing shades of pink EVERYWHERE. I’m not just talking about people wearing magenta, which would have been more acceptable, but there were shades of baby pink, bubble gum pink, Barbie pink , hot pink, light pink, even Tickle Me Pink!!!

It was even impacting sports. I saw team after team of football players and cheerleaders incorporating these colors into their uniforms!

After I ensured my vision wasn’t going wonky, I did what any good pup does when they need a question answered: Google. And lo and behold, typing “pink” in the search engine yielded these top three results: pink ribbon, pink ribbon breast cancer, and pink cancer awareness. I have a nose for a good cause, and I could tell I had just hit jackpot!

As it turns out, everyone hasn’t changed the fashion trends on me. Instead, National Breast Cancer Month is recognized during the month of October in hopes of raising money to fund breast cancer research as well as bringing awareness to the importance of early detection in the fight against breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, and early detection through annual screening tests can catch the cancer when it is easier to treat. This increases a woman’s chances of getting proper treatment and living a long, full life.

I’ll wearing my special pink flower all month long in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month – I hope people who stop to compliment my style will come away with increased awareness of how this disease impacts so many women.

I hope you’ll join me in spreading a little pink around your community throughout October. If you’d like to do more, there are many fundraisers that support cancer research – ever heard of “Race for the Cure?” Lace up your running shoes this weekend, October 14, and jog a 5K for a cause. Not a runner? You can also donate to help the foundation reach its goal! Find a race or make a donation here: Race for the Cure.

Many of us at Taylor King Law have a friend or loved one who has been impacted by breast cancer. We are committed to supporting breast cancer research and raising awareness for early detection.