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Don’t you like my remix? I’d take up writing lyrics as a side job, but I’m already working double duty this holiday season.

As always, I’m putting in my hours at Taylor King Law Firm. I interview new lawyers, accept free belly rubs from clients, and am always down to drop some knowledge about safe driving. But this year I’m taking on another SPECIAL operation. I call it OPERATION SANTA PAWS. Here, let me start from the beginning…

The other day, Santa Claus made a visit to Arkadelphia. He had a big fancy chair and beautiful backdrop set up to take pictures with (mostly screaming) kiddos and, well, ME. I wasn’t about to miss out on a celeb photo op.

I was so excited about meeting Santa, I could barely sleep the night before! I wanted to look my very best, so I didn’t even mind the bath Momma gave me! You can imagine my surprise that Santa called me by name when it was my turn for the picture! I remembered this WAS Santa Claus…he knows if you’ve been bad or good know the rest.

I hopped up in Santa’s lap and gave my biggest pup smile to the camera. Then Santa told me he was hoping I’d come see him today because he has a very important favor to ask of me. THANK GOODNESS I’m potty trained, because I almost had an “excited accident” all over Santa’s lap!

Santa explained that he knew how crazy the roads could be on the holidays, which is why he prefers sleigh travel. But since that wasn’t an option for most people, he needed me to be on the lookout for all the safe drivers on the road during the holiday season. I am to report back to Santa before Christmas so that he can add those drivers to the NICE list…no matter what!

I told him I would be HONORED and would get started right away. So, PSA: I AM ON THE LOOKOUT!!!! I want to see everyone on the nice list this year, so take it from me:

1. Always wear your seatbelt!
2. NEVER text and drive. It is illegal, so that has “naughty list” written all over it.
3. Drive SOBER! Call an Uber/Lyft or have a designated driver if you plan on having any eggnog this season.
4. Don’t go anywhere in a hurry; it’s better to be a little late then end up in an accident.
5. Watch out for ice on the roads and take necessary precautions.