Today was Mother's Day. I believe all the mommas out there deserve all the pupcakes, raw hides, and whip cream they could ask for! Being a mom is hard work, I know us kiddos aren't always the easiest to handle! No matter how many times I accidentally "excited pee" in the house, try to steal a sock when she's doing laundry, or pull a little too hard on my leash when I see a stick, Momma is always On My Side - By My Side. She must have learned it from my Pops, Taylor King. His entire law firm truly takes care of it's clients. They pride themselves to respect, stand by, and work hard for each individual client. When they say they are "On your side- by your side" it's not just a slogan! If a client can't make it to one of the three offices, Taylor King and Associates meet their clients wherever they are! They even take care of all the paperwork and let the clients focus on recovering.

Well, Taylor King raised my momma right, because she treats me the exact same way! From day one, Momma has always done what is best for me! I know she has a crazy busy schedule, but we still go on daily walks and take special trips to the dog park! When I was a pup, I kept getting sick to my stomach. Momma didn't know what was wrong; if it was some sort of bug, one of my toys, or the type of food I was eating. But she worked hard, just like Pops, until things were set right. Turns out I eat wayyyyy too fast and have to have this special maze bowl that slows me down...oh and a slight gastrointestinal problem. She doesn't even complain that I now only eat Prescription Diet food! Goes without saying that all that love and care can get pretty tiring- so sometimes me and mom just take a little pup nap together.

Momma says she does all of that stuff because we are family, and that is what family does for one another. I really love being apart of the Taylor King family; and the word on the street is that they treat their clients like family too!

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