bradi bear, national hot dog month, taylor king

Welcome to July! Can you believe it? In my opinion, this summer is flying by faster than a speeding ticket (and you know I don’t play around with rules of the road).

It should be NO surprise to anyone that I was researching holidays in July. Celebrating Independence Day on the 4th just got me amped for the next celebration.

AND GUESS WHAT…I didn’t have to look far for it! It is National Hot Dog Month!!!

I know we pups get our “National Best Friend Day” and “National Pet Day,” but it’s about time someone devoted an entire month to celebrating dogs!

I am, in all senses of the word, a “hot” dog. Momma keeps me looking beautiful in my shiny red coat - the daily baths are a little much if you ask me, though. And when I say coat, I mean it! This thing is like a parka sometimes...I get so toasty at the park with all this fur! - I mean it!  All I’m sayin’ is thank goodness for lakes and plastic swimming pools.

While we all know that it’s the inner beauty that counts, I’m not mad that people will be celebrating attractive pups like me every day of National Hot Dog Month! I’m thinking that means more treats, daily pupcakes, an extra scoop of food at mealtimes, and new toys on the regular!!

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part - there is this great new smell outside! Must be something seasonal in July, because it is just about everywhere I go!

After a little detective work, I believe I’ve pinpointed the scent to these large metal boxes outside that Momma calls “grills.” She always tells me to be careful around them because they are hot. Anyways, it’s definitely where this meaty smell is coming from.

It’s not a burger, and it’s not bacon. I couldn’t EXACTLY put my nose on it, and I take great prize in my sniffer, so I finally asked Momma about it.


I know y’all think being human is really cool, with the whole “opposable thumbs” thing... …but I think the month of July alone shows who the real winners are. But don’t worry, I’ll def share a treat with y’all, too - so think of me when you grab a hot dog treat from a grill this July!


                                                                                                                         paw print transparent -Bradi Bear