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August is a month full of celebrations! Not only is it my BIRTHDAY MONTH, but it’s also known as National Family Fun Month.

That in itself is an exciting thing, but for my family this year, it’s super-DUPER exciting know why?! It just got a little bigger!

That’s right, Attorney Austin King and his wife Jillian had their first child last week!!! Taylor Woods King (named after the one and only Taylor King himself) is making everyone in the Taylor King family downright giddy. Apparently pups aren’t allowed in the hospital labor and delivery section, but everyone reported that he is very special.

I can’t wait to meet the little guy and do lots of FAMILY FUN THINGS together all of August. I’ve come up with a long list of all the activities I enjoy doing with Taylor King, and I’m hoping someday little Taylor Woods will like doing them too!

1. Water the Plants/Play in the Sprinklers: Ok, this may seem simple, but how fun (and productive) is it to cool off yourself, family, and your plants with some water hose fun?? You can play spray tag or build your own slip-and-slide with dish soap and a tarp!
2. Family-Style Meals: Not only can you all share and pass the food to one another during dinner or lunch, but you can also take it a step further and prepare the meal together! It can be so fun to work together and learn about washing, cutting, and cooking delicious food! Salad and pizza combos are always a crowd favorite, or you could go big and put all that Food Network binge-watching to good use! Either way, throw on an apron and get in the kitchen! Oh, and speaking of throwing - us pups wouldn’t mind if you’d throw some scraps on the floor!
3. Outdoors Sports! How about a good ol’ game of Frisbee (or fetch)?
4. I’m going to be honest, it is currently pretty warm for outdoor sports, so I’m offering up number 4: some good ol’ card games and board games in that air conditioning! I have a pretty good poker face, if I do say so myself.
5. Popcorn and a Movie Marathon: This combo just can’t be beat. Popcorn is such a tasty treat! Pick a favorite movie series and watch one movie every night (or once a week) all snuggled up with your family!
6. Try a new Sonic slush or half-priced milkshake (after 8:00 pm) once a week! Bonus: you can bring your puppy friend and sit outside at the picnic tables...the smell of french fries is doggy heaven!

Looking for ways to keep the family fun going all year long? Try this: at the start of each month, let each family member choose one thing they’d like to do as a family. You can set price limits and other parameters to keep things realistic. The only rule? You have to follow through! I guarantee you’ll make great memories and grow closer!

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