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How’s it going, everyone? Bradi Bear here, just blogging away. I was reminiscing on some older blog posts, back when I was new to the Taylor King team. It all started with me telling about my adventures in day-to-day life, mostly keeping Momma out of trouble.  Those posts were some pretty good reads, if you ask me!

I realize I haven’t given you a good ol’ Bradi Bear story in a here we go! Nothing but the truth here, people!

Apparently, Momma and Daddy got married. I wasn’t allowed to go to the wedding...something about it being for humans only...HMPH.

In my book, marriage means I now have to share my couch, bed, and Momma with him 24/7. I also have double the amount of people to take on walks, and double the “accidentally dropped” food to clean up off the floor. Keeping this house clean is a TASK!

But it’s okay, because I’m training Daddy to give me treats more often. I’ll let you in on my secret: when I feel like it is time for Daddy training I go stand by the cookie jar where Momma keeps the treats. This is his signal.

He then pulls out a treat - most of the time it’s chicken-flavored, but I don’t discriminate. Then Daddy does a bunch of talking…this is the part we’re still trying to streamline. He talks about “sit” and “down” and “shake”. While I listen to him go on and on, I normally pop a squat and wait. Sometimes it takes so long that I just lay down.

 Finally, if I’ve waited long enough, I raise my paw as if I’m going to swat that treat right out of his hand. This usually shows him that I mean business, and he gets scared and gives me the delicious snack.

We still have some things to work on. Once, he tasted my snack before he gave it to me!! I was appalled! Momma has NEVER eaten my food! I didn’t know how to react; he could have AT LEAST asked. Like I said, he is a work in progress!

Other than that, things are going pretty good with my new roommate….more updates to come!

                                                                                                                 paw print transparent Bradi Bear