So I hear that mud is good for the skin....Atleast that is what I told Momma AFTER I dove straight into it! It has been SO rainy and turns out that dirt + water = MUD MUD MUD! Now, I might be a diva when it comes to going out into the rain itself, but the after effects are ay okay with me! Sometimes the cost of beauty is a high price to pay, but I do what must be done to keep my coat shiny and up to par.

You might be wondering why I am going above and beyond to keep my appearance up. Well, I received a call the other day about being available for a photo shoot - I'm sure the head shots I sent out had something to do with it. A trip to Arkansas is long over due. Momma has all this work and school stuff that keeps her busy and I was about to have to take matters into my own paws!


Anyways, I told their people to call my people to work out the details but all of that is to say that big things are happening in Texarkana, Arkansas. I've been through Texarkana multiple times on my way to visit Taylor King in Arkadelphia. I try not to create too big of a stir when I go places (people go crazy for celebs these days). I'm not quite sure what all will be required of me for this shoot (Mom keeps telling me I'm just some emotional support for Taylor King). But if there is one thing I've learned about the world of fame- you have to be ready for anything! Therefore, I've been finding my best angle in the mirror and going for extra walks around the block JUST incase I'm needed on camera.

I figured while I'm there I could go ahead and make my rounds to the different Taylor King offices to do little check ins. Taylor King Law has multiple locations around the state of Arkansas. Springdale, North Little Rock, West Memphis, and Arkadelphia all have convenient offices to serve you! But what's even cooler is that if you can't make it into one of those locations, someone from Taylor King Law will come to you! Come by; who knows, I might even be there for an autograph.

                                                                                                                                                          signatureBradi Bear King