I had a photoshoot the other day. I figure every star needs a couple of headshots to get a portfolio started. Clients will need something to reference when deciding on casting me for various roles. I really believe my first appearance on the Taylor King and Associates commercial with Taylor King and Buddy is going to just launch my career ( https://youtu.be/IihqDnKz4QM ). But I've grown up a little since then and think I need to accurately portray my 10 month old self. My mom is ALWAYS telling me to not get a big pup head, but I just KNOW this face was made for television. I've seen Buddy on the billboards and Taylor King cars that drive all around Springdale, Arkadelphia, Little Rock, Fort Smith, West Memphis- actually they are all over Arkansas. By simply putting their faces out there, they get the opportunity to help so many people with different types of personal injury cases and car wrecks! I'm ONLY trying to do my part.

My mom's good friend Hannah took the pictures (you can go to www.hannahmaysonphoto.com to see her other work) I guess Hannah didn't want Mom to feel left out, because she took some photos of her first. Mom was realllyyyy living vicariously through me though, she kept changing outfits and doing all these different poses on Baylor's campus. No offense mom, but the long, baggy, black get-up you had on...with the weird hat? not your best look. 

But I let her have her moment...and then it was my time to shine! Obviously, Mom and Hannah had my small Sonic water on the sidelines in case I got parched, but I knew the drill. I sat, stayed and smiled...that is until some guys started throwing a tennis ball to one another across campus! I just KNEW they wanted me to play too. I took off running in the most direct path towards them, I couldn't help it if that path happened to be through a couple of polished flower beds! I thinkkkkk I heard Mom calling my name...but really, now that I think about it, it sounded more like a chant, cheering me on! Like "Bra-di, Bra-di, Bra-di!!!" (channel a sports arena when reading that) It honestly only made me that much MORE excited and amped.

I'm now enrolled in Adult Dog Training classes. 

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