Bradi Bear St. Patrick's Day

The gang's all here for St. Paddy's Day! Cousin Bud Bud and I have our green gear on so that those sneaky leprechauns won't pinch us - and we suggest you do the same! St. Patrick's Day, celebrated on March 17th, began as an Irish holiday to honor Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. Today in many countries, it is a day full of parades, shamrocks, and Irish food and drink.

Apparently the food of choice is known to be corned beef and cabbage. No offense, but I'm gonna take a pass on the cabbage. BUT if anyone has some spare beef they wanna pass my way...I won't argue!

According to my research, people don't normally drink a lot of soda pop on this holiday. I'm a water gal myself, but different ales and beer are normally the thirst quenchers many people choose today. Remember, just one drink can impair your senses for driving! Take responsibility and have a designated driver or car service to get you and your leprechaun friends home safely! The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has an app available called SaferRide that helps you find a nearby taxi or call a trusted friend to pick you up. 

Enjoy the parades and festivities in your green attire; Buddy and I here at Taylor King Law will be chasing rainbows for a pot of gold...I hear those are full of peanut butter pup-cakes and bacon-scented chew toys.

Want to know more about St. Patrick's Day? Check out this article from USA Today


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