How's it going everyone? It's Friday! WAHOOO! Many people (and pups) would say Friday is the best day of the week! Whether it's that you've made it through the work week or your human is finally home for two full days to love, cuddle, and give you treats, everyone seems to deem Friday as FAVORITE.

So to keep with the theme, I thought I'd let you in on some of MY favorite things. I believe you probably are all aware of my love/obsession with ANYTHING bacon-scented, but I am trying to branch out. 

1. STICKS! Big sticks, little sticks, sticks that break easily, sticks that take teamwork to break down, sticks that i can drag behind me, sticks that I try to sneak into the house, and especially sticks that are dirty. All are welcome here. There is room in my heart for all of them. 

2. A scrambled egg. Yes, I said it. I LOVE a scrambled egg; it settles my tummy when I don't feel that great. I gobble those things right up and I always hope and pray when momma takes the carton out of the refrigerator that she is going to crack one of those bad boys for me. I whine just a little as a subtle reminder when she forgets.

3. Wearing my new Taylor King Law LONG-SLEEVED t-shirt. It features the best-looking pup and keeps my legs warm on chilly mornings. My fur coat can only do so much.

4. Running with Taylor King in the morning. He made a New Year's Resolution to stay with a workout routine, so I decided to be his workout buddy while I was home for the holidays. Every morning we'd get up and run laps around his house. And when I say "we'd run laps," I mean Taylor King would run laps while I ran SUPER fast sprints back and forth across the yard. I think it really helped keep him motivated.

5. I am one social pup, so I love meeting new clients! I get to show off my perfected "sit and stay" routine and it doesn't hurt that they always want to give me a scratch on the head. I'm still working on a complete "roll-over," though. I just get side tracked when they go in for a belly rub...I mean really? Who could ever turn down a belly rub?

6. Trips to the dog park! There are always new smells to sniff, new water to splash in, new squirrels to bark at, and oh - did I mention how that place is FULL of sticks? See item #1. 

7. Puppicinos from Starbucks. It sounds fancy, but it's essentially a cup full of whip cream, which means it's essentially the greatest thing ever.

8. Participating in photoshoots! Whether it is for a billboard (have you seen our new Little Rock sign on Cantrell Road?) or a holiday, I love being treated like a movie star and posing for the professional camera....or mom.

9. Hiding my toys. This is a real passion of mine. I don't live outside, so I don't get to actually bury things in the dirt like I've seen others do at the park. Instead I like to keep my things safe behind pillows, curtains, in couch cushions or tucked away in corners. I'm pretty stealthy if I do say so myself. I quickly learned that leaving toys in the middle of the room was NOT the best place if I didn't want Mom to move them. 

10. Bacon Scented Stuff. Sorry...I couldn't help myself. 

                                                                                                                                           paw print transparentBradi Bear King