Happy Fourth of July everyone! As you know I LOVE HOLIDAYS! Dressing up and really getting into the spirit, whether it is Halloween, Christmas, or Easter, is right up my ally. I've been anticipating the Fourth of July for awhile now, because it has bee a long time since my last celebration. I got so pumped when I saw the banners for the 7k's and 4k's in honor of the upcoming holiday. Pshhhh not for the runs (please) but 4th of July meant smells of hotdogs, lots of outside time with Momma and A NEW BANDANA! Momma explained to me that I needed an American Flag bandana because years ago America won it's independence from the British on the 4th.

As you might have noticed i am NOT being as patriotic as I wanted to be...Dad went in search of my accessory at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Petsmart before he came home with some Red, white, and blue fabric for Momma to make me a Plan B. It may not be stars and stripes but I got lots of compliments at the dog park! 

I had the whole weekend planned and it was going to be perfect. But I'm learning that sometimes, well most of the time actually, things in life don't go as planned. It can be very upsetting when things happen that are out of our control, but working with Taylor King and Buddy at Taylor King Law has helped show me how to react in situations of uncertainty. Nobody plans a personal injury, whether it be a car wreck, slip and fall, or any other accident that is out of our control, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and lost.

Taylor King helps his clients relax and show that this bump is not the end of the road. Just watching he and his team take control to negotiate, settle, or file their client's cases in court in order for them to focus on healing really puts my problems into perspective. Plus, what good story comes out of a flawless weekend? 

So, to spice things up, I decided the eat my plastic food bowl on the morning before the 4th. Yup, you heard me correctly...I ate my food bowl. Mom went to breakfast and left me at home with my bowl full of food, so boy was she surprised when she got back to half of a smashed plastic bowl, no food and me, sitting there wagging my tail!

Well...she flipped. Something about my stomach/small intestine being torn from sharp pieces of plastic - I don't quite remember. But the rest of the day did NOT go according to my plan. I spent the next 6 hours at the vet throwing up plastic bowl with Spud the bulldog. He had the same bright idea about eating his bowl too...

Thankfully my stomach and small intestine were still intact, which allowed me to enjoy the rest of the 4th of July with Mom and Dad. I took them to my fav dog park (where I wore my bandana) and introduced them to a couple of my friends. Helicopter Parents are the WORST, but they played it pretty cool- I may bring them back sometime if they are lucky... 

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