No fear ladies and gents- Bradi Bear is back! My apologies for the delayed post but I promise I've been busy! Life after graduation has been just  a WHIRLWIND! Mom believes that I can have more opportunities to shine in Dallas. I think she found some more school up here to entertain herself while I blossom. 

Boy do I have updates- first of all Mom's brother is joining the Taylor King and Associates Family! He graduated from Law School at the University of Arkansas and is going to work for Taylor King in Arkadelphia soon! While everyone went to Fayetteville for the weekend to celebrate him, I went to Summer Camp! I'm a tad on the shy side when I first meet anyone but I quickly warmed up to all the pups there. We all exchanged stories through our kennels before we went to sleep the first night. That's when I found out about TLC times from some of the veterans at camp. They are ten minute one-on-one play times that your mom or dad has to set up prior to camp. Apparently you get to do or play with WHATEVER you want! They sounded just amazing. Turns out Mom set up TWO for me...I chose to snuggle and sniff. It was a good 10 minutes.

Taylor King and Mom picked me up from Camp! Boy what a surprise! It made leaving camp totally worth it! Taylor King (Pops) was there to help me and Mom move to Dallas! He knows all about crazy traffic and wanted to make sure we were safe! NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE! He made Mom take a pledge for both of our safety! I don't see the big deal in texting...maybe it's because my paws are too big for those tiny letters...I still prefer blogging on the laptop!

Moving can really tire a pup out! Mom had all paws on deck between me, mom's boyfriend, Pops, and Sugar (That's Taylor King's wife).
 IMG 1395                                                                                              IMG 1374

Mom gave me some pretty interesting toys during the moving in process. I could never find the squeaker in this one! Most of the time Taylor King and I supervised on the couch!  

We are all finally settled in and I got some Wifi to post for y'all! I know my fans were on the edge of their seats, checking the Taylor King and Associates webpage daily. I told Mom about the public and convinced her to take me to a local coffee shop for some connection - that and a free puppichino, of course!


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