Hey everyone! Bradi Bear here. I have LOTS of important info for you all, so listen up! You know that I like to tell stories, so why don’t I just start from the beginning?

A few days ago, Taylor King called me into his office. He’d already handed out his end-of-the-year bonuses, so I was a LITTLE worried about being called in without any warning. I made sure to practice my puppy eyes just in case the situation became dire and I needed to whip them out.

When I got into his office, he told me to sit - and boy, I nailed that command! Basic Puppy School 101, right there.

My uneasiness disappeared when Taylor King began telling me how happy he was with all my work over the past year. He said he has big plans for 2018, and he wants me to be even more involved with the family business. We both agreed; now that I’m THREE years old, I’m ready to dive in deeper into my studies. Interviewing lawyers and alerting the public about safety laws are both great, but it looks like I’m going back to school to really help you guys understand the ins and outs of a personal injury case!

This week, I’m hitting the books to learn all about…(drumroll please)...auto insurance!

Chapter One: Do I Need Auto Insurance?

This one could be the shortest chapter of all. The answer is YES. As it turns out, in Arkansas you are required to carry insurance - it’s the law. Sadly, some people decide to ignore this requirement and drive around without any car insurance! It gives me the pup-shivers to think about breaking the law like that.

What a mess we’d be in if we got into an accident with someone who isn’t covered. I guess that’s why my mom says we need to carry uninsured motorist coverage on our car. I’m glad she is using that head of hers!

Woo, I’m exhausted. I think that’s enough studying for tonight...I’d hate to overdo it. See you soon for Chapter Two!