"Pup friendly" establishments are my kind of places, especially when food is involved. When I visit Taylor King in Arkadelphia, Arkansas we make frequent Sonic trips! He cares for his family and clients just the same and knows how dangerous car wrecks can be. So I have a special pup-belt I wear in the back until we arrive. Once we are there he rolls down the window just enough for me to smell all the smells while I wait for my small water to be delivered. But this Saturday I experienced something EVEN BETTER! I wasn't shielded by any car doors at this heaven on earth. NO sir, I got to actually participate in the festivities nose to nose with lots of other humans and pups. About an hour there and I decided that Farmer's Markets are the absolute best.

I was obviously popular. Lots of little kiddos wanted to pet me, so I sat still as best as I could and tried not to get TOO excited. I just love people. But it gets even better- I know how could it? There was tent after tent of so many different scents and treats. I'd have loved to just gobble them all up, but I was satisfied nose in the air walking from smell to smell. First I walked slowly by the  gourmet grilled cheese stand and took in all the buttery smells. Then Momma led me over to the homemade muffins and cookies, but I didn't see any pupcakes, so we kept moving. It was too early for the brick oven pizza and fresh bread tent, but that sure didn't keep my mouth from watering. That is when I smelt it...whipped cream. Momma was standing in line for a crepe but I just HAD to know where the sweet fluffy goodness was located so I could use my "puppy eyes" on any passing person capable of getting me some. Momma wasn't budging so I had to pull a little in all different directions to try and sniff it out. I'll admit it was not my best job of "stay".

"And would you like whip cream on that?" A guy behind a register asked my mom.

I whipped my pup head around so fast and performed the best sit I could possibly do. I was motionless, waiting for her response...

Let's just say, she was "on my side by my side" and made it one SWEET day at the Farmer's Market. I may have to take Momma back next weekend.


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