Arkansas drivers' license laws

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million it or ticket! But I'm being serious people, did you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers?! Every single day in America six teenagers are killed in a car accident. Sorry to go from zero to sixty, but imagine getting hit by a car going sixty without seatbelt on!! So I've deemed myself the BUCKLE UP PUP to let everyone in Arkansas know how to reduce your chances of being one of those numbers!

First off, I'm sure you're wondering why deadly car accidents effect 16-19 year olds more than the rest of the population. Well, some of us teenagers like to think we're nearly invincible! I get it. I love to run faster than I probably should at the crosswalk. Sometime on my morning walk, I might crowd a yorkie whose little legs slow up my strides. And if I can get away with it, 9 times out of 10 I would rather NOT wear that semi-uncomfortable harness that "keeps me from pulling Mom down the block." These new drivers are the same way: more likely to speed, leave less room between cars, and underestimate dangerous driving conditions. And did you know that teens wear their seatbelts less than any other age group?

There are tons of the teens on the road! Arkansas has three levels of licenses for teens to obtain: 

1. Learners License: (age 14-16; always requires licensed passenger 21+ years) Must pass written, road, and vision tests. No record of any accident in last 6 months

2. Intermediate License: (age 16-18; first 6 months requires licensed passenger 21+ years) 

3. Regular License: (age 18 and up) Before applying, teen cannot have any record of accident or traffic violation in last 12 months

I'm going to help you out and offer a few BUCKLE UP PUP SAFETY TIPS:

1. Ok...running the risk of some major echo, but IN CASE you missed it the first couple of times...BUCKLE THOSE SEATBELTS! 

2. NEVER talk or text while driving! I've got four paws to drive with, but even I put the phone down while in the car!

3. Drinking and driving should NEVER go together! First, teenage drinking is illegal; second, drinking and driving at ANY age is illegal. Let's all just avoid this double trouble! 

4. Stay focused on the road, not the radio or other passengers! Try to eliminate those distractions as much as possible, like turning down the music.  Hello Adele, but you can wait! 

5. Have I mentioned the seatbelt yet...?

                                                                                                                                                         paw print transparent Bradi Bear King