Bradi Bear's Letter to Santa

Not only do people walk around singing carols all the time (I do love a good jingle), but Christmas means more family time, lots of good food, and giving/getting gifts of love, friendship, and maybe even a brand-spanking-new collar! At the Taylor King home everyone is required to make a list for Santa and I've decided to make mine NOW - you know, just in case the mail at the North Pole starts to pile up. I can only imagine the U.S. Post Office there at this time of year. 

Bradi Bear's Christmas List:

1. Year Supply of Denti-Chews - The only treat mom lets me have because they doesn't upset my tummy while simultaneously cleaning my teeth. Everyone wins!

2. Brand New Collar - I wasn't kidding about this earlier. I have had my eye on this cheetah print one with coordinating flower.

3. My Very Own Billboard with Taylor King - This would be the gift that keeps on giving. Who doesn't want to see a cute pup on their way to work, right? 

4. Gingerbread Dog Treats - I scarfed one of those babies down at a friend's house the other day and have been begging Momma to invest in a box of our own

5. iCPooch - It's one of those interactive video chat/treat delivery systems. I could see Momma or Taylor King anytime of the day! Plus it'd be so handy for those conference calls into the office. 

6. Safety for everyone traveling this holiday season - I know this won't come with a bow on it under the tree, but I hear Santa is a pretty special guy. If he can fit down a chimney with that big belly I bet he can work some magic with this request.

7. Bacon Scented Anything. I already have a ball...but beyond that I am not picky. I'm sure the elves have something new up their sleeves! 

Thanks Santa! Fly safe this holiday season, and don't forget to buckle up!


                                                                                                                                        paw print transparentBradi Bear King