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BOO! Just kidding; my costume isn’t anything scary this year for Halloween…I’M A LAWYER! Don’t I look the part?

When I dress up, I like to look AND act the part, so I decided it would be a good idea to interview some of the attorneys at Taylor King Law and learn about their Halloween faves.

What’s a funny Trick-Or-Treating story from when you were little?

Joe Woodward: “My favorite memory of trick-or-treating is probably the year we came home to find my dad, whom we had left in charge of the house, making kids he deemed “too old” for trick or treating beat him in a dance-off to get their candy.”

Taylor King: “When I was young we lived out in the country, so we did not have a neighborhood to ask for candy. So my mother would always take me and my brother Mark into town where the houses were closer together. I can remember this one especially unfriendly lady who ran us off her block because we weren’t "her neighborhood" kids. It’s one of those childhood memories that pops back up from time to time, and it reminds me to always work hard at being inclusive when it comes to my neighbors and the people with whom I come into contact.”

What was your favorite Halloween Costume and what will you be this year?

Bret Thompson: “Favorite goes to a (cute) pirate. This year I'll be dressed up as Mr. Dad, but my boys are going to go as Batman, Leonardo, and a pumpkin.”

Taylor King: “Definitely Batman! My brother Mark was always my wingman, Robin. But this year I am going to be my favorite President, LBJ.”

Joshua Adkerson: “NINJA! And obviously, I’m going to be a Ninja again this year!”

Mark Pearson: “My all-time favorite was the RED Power Ranger- specifically Red. This year I’m going as Forest Gump.”

Any Halloween Traditions (past or current)?

Taylor King: “Enjoying the decorations and vowing never to watch scary movies!”

Joshua Adkerson: “No doubt, Haunted Houses!”

Jay Neal: “I always enjoy dressing up with my girls for Halloween. I think this year we're planning on being characters from the Wizard of Oz.”

Rusty Mitchell: “This year, for Halloween, I'm going to the Tiny Hands Monster Bash. It’s a costume party and fundraiser for the Family Home of Little Rock. The Family Home provides a place to stay for folks who live outside of Little Rock and are receiving cancer treatment at UAMS. The Family Home also provides a place to stay for parents with babies in the NICU at UAMS. The party is a lot of fun, and has a silent auction, raffles, etc. Great folks, good times, and for a great cause.”

Do you have a favorite Halloween Candy? What candy do you pass out at your home?

Taylor King: “I like lots of plain M&Ms, candy corn, and frozen 3 Musketeers bars! But I typically pass out Snickers; I found out they make me and the rest of the world less Hangry.”

Bret Thompson: “For me it’s KitKats all the way! But I give out a variety of the classics. You know: M&M’s, Snickers, Milky Ways.”

Joshua Adkerson: “Bret is right…KitKats are the best, but I hand out Sixlets and Nerds.”

LAST! What is your best Halloween Safety Tip?

Taylor King: “Wear reflective colors/clothes. Not only will you be safe; what’s cooler than a glow-in-the-dark costume?”

Bret Thompson: “Don't dress in all dark clothing, and don’t go alone!”

Jay Neal: “My family likes to stay off the street and go to Fall Festivals at churches and community centers for fun and games and a protected enclosed environment.”

Joe Woodward: “The best Halloween safety tip I have is to use the buddy system!”

Joshua Adkerson: “Don’t go to a house without a light on.”

Mark Pearson: ”Always travel in groups!”

Happy Halloween from all the lawyers (including me!) at Taylor King Law!

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