Arkansas water safety guide

Did you know life jackets come in puppy size too? That's right! It is summer time, and I believe a great way to escape that summer heat is a nice dip in the water! Not much beats running full speed, mouth open through a sprinkler...and OH MY GOODNESS don't get me started on the pure joy of splashing paws-first in puddles. BUT it's not all fun and games, people! You know that driving safety is important to me, but I believe you have to be just as safe OFF the road as on it! Arkansas is the Natural State; therefore, by all means I think people should take advantage of the beautiful lakes and rivers that it provides. But not without some "paw"-some safety tips from the one and only...ME. And since I personally remember things better when a rhyme is involved, here ya go... 

TIP 1: Walk, don't run, near a pool - if ya slip and fall you won't look cool

Those slippery surfaces can be tricky! I know the excitement of that first SPLASH in the water might be calling your name, but trust me, it is just as satisfying with a walk to the edge of the pool. I believe I'm pretty agile myself, but I always take precaution around pools; one slip and it could be a hard crash to your noggin! 

TIP 2: No matter how many swim lessons you've had, wear that life jacket - it's the latest fad

I don't have the BEST feeling about large bodies of water...looks too much like a giant bath to me. But even if I did love lakes and rivers, I'd always wear my life jacket when I'm on a boat or in a current of water. Treading water is TIRING, and it's better to be safe then sorry! Life jackets are like a seat belts: you might not need them at their fullest potential for every single ride but they are protection that could potentially safe your life.

TIP 3: Wear that sunscreen, no one wants 3rd degree burns on their team

Don't get me wrong, I don't get this golden glow by staying indoors all day. But Momma always makes sure to I wear my paw protection to keep my paws safe from the hot ground! You humans don't have a furry coat protecting y'all, so you need sunblock, even on those cloudy days, to protect you from the harmful UV rays. Don't forget to reapply according to the label; I know it's shocking, but that stuff washes off in water!

You can find other helpful tips for water safety with the link below (they just won't rhyme like mine). 


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