Halloween is approaching and you know what that means? COSTUMES AND TREATS! Two of my favorite things...but you know what I'm not a huge fan of? Scary things. Like aggressive "un-leashed" dogs, loud vacuums, and that suspicious looking board momma takes off the door once a week. She calls it an "ironing board" - don't ask me what that means; as far as I can tell, she just lays shirts on it sometimes. Anyways, I thought I might overcome my fear this holiday season by telling you my own scary story. I can't be as frightened if I know the end, right?

Chapter 1: Halloween is Here 

Once upon a time there lived a family named the Kings: Mr. and Mrs. King and their two children, a boy and a girl. The family had a sweet, smart, energetic pup named Bradi Bbbb...Bradi B! Yeah that's it. Just Bradi B. The family all lived together out in the country in Arkansas. It was fall, which was the King family's favorite time of year. Momma King loved decorating their home with pumpkins, acorns, and other fall themed decorations. Mr. King loved being outdoors in the cool fall weather and eating pumpkin flavored treats. And the children looked forward to the special day where they got to dress up as anything they could imagine and collect candy all night long. That's right, Halloween. 

PAUSE: I know this is supposed to be a scary story, but I'm getting there! 

Chapter 2: Bradi B Fights a Monster

The night finally arrived: the King children, dressed as a hippie and Batman, were ready to go. Bradi B got a costume too; she was dressed as a ferocious lion. Since the family had very few neighbors, they hopped in their car to drive to nearby neighborhoods. Bradi B took in how different everything looked in the moonlight compared to the bright light of day. 

"Bradi B! Hurry up pup, all the good candy will be gone soon!" the little girl called.

Bradi B stood frozen at the end of her leash, tail tucked, staring at something big and bulky behind her. Bradi B took a cautious step to the side, wondering how she could have missed it on the way out. Something big, black, and boxy was creeping in the shadows beside the house. Bradi took another side step when the creature lurched forward toward her with a scraping sound. Bradi B darted away, but the monster crashed and threw empty bottles and a milk carton after her. 

"Bradi B, how'd you get your leash wrapped around the recycling bin?" Mr. King asked as he got out the car to clean up the mess.

The Kings were off to town after one last puppy growl from Bradi B in the general direction of the offending bin.

Chapter 3: Teal Pumpkins and Safety Scares 

"Why are all those pumpkins blue? I thought they were supposed to be orange!" the boy asked, face pressed to the window.

"They are actually teal. It's party of a project to let parents know that those houses offer things besides candy to trick-or-treaters" Mrs. King explained.

"Bleh. Let's skip those houses," the little girl said.

"No, it's a good thing! They offer things like small toys and non-food treats for children who have food allergies...WATCH OUT!" Mr. King responded.

Mrs. King brought the car to a screeching halt; a wide-eyed ballerina had just pirouetted into the road in front of the them, followed by several costumed friends. A semi-hysterical looking mother with a fairy wand in hand ran out into the middle of the road and herded them all back to safety. 

PAUSE: Told you it'd get scary. Nothing gives me the heeby-jeebies more than a BIG safety violation! What went wrong? First, NEVER run out in the road. Period. You should cross slowly (at crosswalks if possible), but only after looking both ways, and preferably with an adult. Of course, you always want to visit familiar streets. And my goodness, parents, WATCH YA KIDS! The biggest danger to kids on Halloween isn't taking candy from a stranger - it's walking out in front of one of the MANY cars that are everywhere! Don't try to watch a big group of kids by yourself. Cars are everywhere so bring some back up grown-up help if you are in charge of multiple children and their friends. You need eyes on everyone for safety! But let's not put all the blame on the crazy sugar-rushed kiddos or stressed out parents, all drivers should be mindful on Halloween and extra cautious. 

The Kings parked their car and went over some safety rules to ensure a successful Halloween trick-or-treating experience. 

"Only cross the street at corners, do NOT dart out in-between cars. Y'all are both short and drivers won't be able to see you if they are on the road. We also have to walk on the sidewalk from house to house. Even though we're with you, we still shouldn't cut through yards or streets. And remember, say thank you for your candy!" Mr. King reminded the children.

They knocked on the first door, and a few minutes later everyone walked away thinking it was the beginning of a successful night - well, almost everyone. Bradi B wasn't so delighted. Why you might ask? Nobody else seemed to notice, but that sneaky recycle bin monster had followed them all the way here and was watching them from the side of the house!



                                                                                                               paw print transparent Bradi Bear King