Bradi Bear Valentine's Day

Snuggle Pup + Personal Injury Blogger + February = VALENTINE'S DAY POEMS (Bradi Bear style)

Stop Signs Are Red

Stop signs are red

Taylor King's logo is blue

I follow traffic laws

And you should too


Sweets and Streets

Pupcakes and a huge milkbone

Four way stop and someone's on their phone

Marshmallows or table scraps

Pedal to the metal makes a crash

Squeaky toys and a bouncy ball

1-800-CAR-WRECK is who you call

Bacon scented....anything

Taylor King Attorney will answer your ring

Training treats mixed with rawhide

This team of lawyers is on your side by your side


Beep or Bark

Cars go beep

Dogs make a bark

We can both go fast

But you put cars in park

Some dogs yap

or maybe even howl

Cars can vroom

and sometimes smell foul 

Dogs can keep people safe

and make their hearts melt

So be safe in a car

and buckle that seat belt!


                                                                                                       paw print transparentBradi Bear King