"Why the sad face Bradi?" 

Well thank you for asking...I've had mixed emotions about the month of August. Although it is my birthday month (I turned 2 on August 4th) it also brings on the start of school. Back to school means early rising, long days, homework, crowded roads, busy buses, rushing drivers, oh man my list could go on and on.... But I have some good news! Back to school doesn't have to be all down in the dumps! I'm a pup all about positivity and here at Taylor King Law Firm we believe you can make any situation better with a little hard work and a good attitude. So I've decided to turn my slightly depressing list up there into a guide for the ABSOLUTELY BEST YEAR EVER!

1. Carpool Bonding

-Whether your carpool is with your family only or with a couple families in the neighborhood, make that time worthwhile. Instead of having everyone in the car be in his/her bubble zoned out on electronic devices (except the driver of course), make it a device free zone! Play popcorn DJ, where everyone in the car gets to pick a song that's listened to- or make it a competition and see who is the first person to guess the song being played. It's hard not to be in a good mood when your favorite song is playing, so start your school day off with the right mind set! 

2. New Year New Peeps

-Find your real friends- the ones who will stay on your side by your side through anything! Let's be honest, my life can be "ruff" sometimes and everyone needs a shoulder to lean on now and then! Friends that will be there for the fun late night popcorn sharing nights as well as the "oh no I just flunked my AP Fetch test" kind of moments are the ones who you should seek out at the beginning of the school year

3. Set Semester Goals

-I'm a goal driven kind of pup! I've been taught to value hard work, and I'm not sure if the two correlate but something excites me about the smell of new pencils and unused school supplies! Therefore, I ALWAYS get a new planner for a new school year. It helps me lower the anxiety of what some people call "syllabus shock"- you know that awful feeling in your pup belly when you see ALL you have to do in such little time! But anyways- something I like to do is write down semester goals (you can even a couple every 9 weeks instead). All you do is write 3-4 things you'd like to accomplish in that time period! It can be anything from "make the soccer team" to "make all As and Bs on my math tests" shoot it can even be stuff like "say hi to a new person everyday" (I actually like that one a lot, adding it to my list!) Well you write them down then put them in an envelope that you tape in your planner on the end date of that semester or 9 weeks! When the date finally arrives you get to see what you've accomplished! 

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