The people have spoken! This year for Halloween, I'll be handing out candy and pupcakes  as the one and only MINNIE MOUSE! I even jazzed up my mouse ears with a matching polka dot tutu. I really think it will go over well! I'm glad yall picked Minnie, because as some of you pointed out, the other costumes all involved masks which made it difficult to see. It got me thinking about some other helpful tips for Halloween that might help keep everyone safe! I narrowed it down to Bradi Bear's Big Three below...

TIP 1 (this one isn't only for Halloween)

Look both ways before crossing the street and use only established crosswalks. Whether you are going house to house yourself, or driving neighborhood roads, be extra mindful of your surroundings. There will be more pedestrian traffic than normal and often kiddos hyped up on sugar forget to stop and look before crossing!


Try to only walk on sidewalks! If this isn't possible, walk along the far edge of the road facing traffic. You want to be walking towards an oncoming car to be able to see and hear it in order to get out of harms way! Don't forget it will get darker earlier, so it will be more difficult to see!


Consider adding reflective tape to your costume or treat bag! It will help drivers see you and it could also add a neat (safe) final touch to your costume!

I hope everyone has a very Happy SAFE Halloween

                                                                                                                                                                    ! signatureBradi Bear King