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Hey everyone! A VERY big day is coming up. It is one of my faves because 1) it’s a holiday; 2) it’s for a good cause; and 3) it’s ALL ABOUT DOGS.

You guessed it, National Dog Day falls on August 26!

So what’s so special about August 26? I wanted to get to the bottom of this, so I did what I also do when top-notch snooping is needed: a Google search.

As it turns out, National Dog Day is August 26 because that is when the holiday’s founder, Colleen Paige, adopted her first shelter pup. She seemed like a pretty cool human to me - after all, she established this important day - so I decided to read more!

National Dog Day isn’t simply a day to post selfies with your pets (although I’m always up for a selfie). Its purpose is to raise awareness about the pups who love you as pets, protect you as police dogs, guide you as service dogs, and much, much more!

This got me thinking about how I can contribute on National Dog Day. I talked to Taylor King and we agreed that car rides are 10x more fun with a pup in the seat next to you. I mean, HOW COOL is it to watch me with the window down, wind in my face, and tongue out?! No one ever makes a Facebook video of humans hanging out the window, I’m just saying.

This led to a startling realization: I’m one of the only pups I know who regularly wears her seatbelt! I then knew it was MY DUTY on Dog Day to get the word out about how to drive safely with your pet! Get out your pen and takes some notes…

Medium- to large-sized dogs are always safest when secured with a harness while in the car. Small dogs should ride in carriers. It sounds simple, right? But for some reason, two out three dog owners let their pups ride with no harness, carrier, leash...nothing! We have to get those numbers DOWN, y’all.

We all know it’s dangerous for humans to ride without a seatbelt. That’s why it’s against the law. We dogs need the same protection from the people who love us! National Dog Day is a great day to begin securing your pet safely in the car.