My mom says I need more socialization. She is afraid I'm not outside enough with all this extra time blogging on the computer. She claims I need more face to face interactions, so she set up a walk with one of her friend's pups. I was skeptical- I mean, I like my routine walks, my turf, my smells! But I'm always down to make a new friend! I'm even up for a friendly game of chase- as long as both tails are waggin!

His name is Koda Bear, so obviously, we instantly bonded over the shared name. He is a Australian Shepard and just about my size! We made a compromise to do a walk neither one of us were quite used to; therefore, we made the same amount of stops to check out all the new scents on things. It was a beautiful day outside so there were lots of humans throwing around balls to each other. I didn't see any pups, other than Koda Bear and I, so I was confused to why they were playing with our toys...? And completely wrong, I might add! For instance, there were a couple of people playing with a tennis ball like the one I have back at home. But the grass they were running on looked so weird! Also, they were using huge fly swatters to pass the ball back and forth. Don't they know how good tennis balls taste? Maybe they think fetch is overrated too. I tried not to judge, but Koda Bear and I looked at each other knowingly. Silly humans.

Mom let Koda Bear and I off our leashes in the middle of Baylor's campus. Fountain Mall, that is what she called it. But I didn't see a water station or Petco anywhere near by- I have to say this walk was becoming more and more "interesting." Anyways, Koda Bear and I got to play chase in the big open field! There was so much room to run, it was almost like I was back in Arkansas! Only no Taylor King or Buddy to play with! I asked Koda Bear if he'd heard of Pop's, or seen my commercial. He said he had- and even "liked" my Facebook page (you can do that's pretty cool if you ask me). After that, we ran and ran until both of us were literally DOG TIRED. I could barely make the walk back to the house! 

We exchanged info and I have a couple of play dates set up in the near future. I guess mom was right this time.

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