WE ARE LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY, PEOPLE! I REPEAT, LESS THAN ONE WEEK…until Christmas! I’m the type of pup that works on her Christmas list all year round. I’ll take note of a special squeaky ball here or a nice rawhide there, and just jot it down for Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick.

But the last few days it has HIT me…. my entire list this year is all about me, myself, and I. If I have learned ANYTHING from working at Taylor King Law, it is that putting other people first is very, very important (that and to “buckle up pup”).

So I’m making a Last Minute Christmas List and paying expedited shipping for it to go straight to the North Pole.

1. I want everyone to take a No Texting and Driving Pact (It Can Wait is one of many online pledge sites: https://www.itcanwait.com/).

2. I want more people to buckle up right away when in their car, instead of fixing their phone or radio station.

3. I hope everyone smiles more, walks a little slower, and enjoys a ride in the car with the windows down (and tongue out if that’s your kinda thing).

4. I wish for more genuine conversations in order to get to know people (and clients). I’m telling you, someone’s favorite brand of tennis ball can tell a lot about a person - just take the time to ask.

5. Annnnnddddddd…. that bacon-scented squeaky bone at PetSmart™.