Bradi Bear motorcycle safety month

Hey hey everyone! Boy, do I have a story for y'all! It's dramatic, action-packed, and full of puppy paws and wagging tails... well, it will be easiest if I just start from the beginning.

Momma takes me to the pup park every week. As you can imagine, every pup kinda has his or her own pack to hang with. There is the "small dog" section that you have to weigh under a certain weight to go in (talk about a drop in self-esteem)...normally, hefty corgis are the limit there. There is also the "large dog" section that any and all pups can go into. That's where I hang. I have a group of goldens I like to chase and (let's be honest) lie in the shade with. I don't discriminate though; there are also a few huskies that will go around looking for free belly rubs with me. The dogs that like to fetch - they hang. The dogs that like to do those obstacle courses - they hang. The dogs that like to bark and yap at every squirrel, bird, or pedestrian - they hang. You see where I'm going with this? Good.

Wel...there's one crew that nobody messes with. They are known as the Motorcycle Clique. They're a pretty tough bunch: two Dobermans that go by Axis and Cam, and a chihuahua named Chaps who ONLY goes into the "large dog" section but has never been questioned. And then there is the leader: Waffles. Don't let the name fool you; this brown and black rottweiler looks nothing like a sweet fluffy treat. This clique is a cool, semi-scary pack that we all secretly want to join, but are too scared to admit it. When they ride up in the sidecars of their owners' motorcycles, everyone watches in awe as they hop out and run into the park in a diamond formation. This happens everyday.

But yesterday was different. Waffles summoned me. 

*side note* May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so I've been wearing this nifty little outfit that says "Share the Road." Most people don't know what it means, so it prompts a lot of questions, and then I get to share what Taylor King taught me about bike and motorcycle safety.

Well, Waffles must've known what the slogan meant, because that's why I was called into the pack's presence. I was freaking out to say the least. Sweaty paws and all, I held my head high and I trotted over to the group. Chaps greeted me with a customary hiney sniff. Once I passed the security check, Waffles spoke: "What's with the shirt? Are you a rider?" Gulp. I answered, "As in motorcycles? No...but I do like to keep people safe! It's Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and I like for all drivers AND riders to be safe on the roads!" 

You won't believe what happened next. WAFFLES SMILED AT ME! He started telling me how he's worried about his owner because he doesn't wear a helmet...he thinks it would interfere with his vision or hearing. But I told Waffles how that isn't true at all! We talked statistics and came up with a plan for his owner to be safe! He was so grateful for my help and even offered me a free ride in his sidecar anytime I wanted. All in a day's work around here!

Check out this link from the National Highway Safety Administration for all the cool stats we found out about motorcyclists. Let's keep these humans safe on the road, y'all! 


                                                                                                                                            paw print transparent  Bradi Bear King