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I know I talk a whole bunch about my momma, but today's post is all about Dads! Father's Day shouldn't be the ONLY day we celebrate these hard workin' guys, but it is a good reminder to give them an extra snuggle or two.

I'm so thankful my dad gets on my level (on all fours) and chases me around the furniture and under tables. Momma never does that! Daddy always sneaks me an extra scoop of kibble when Momma isn't looking. He rubs my belly while we watch sports on Sunday afternoons and is always down for an afternoon nap. Oh, AND Daddy lets me run off-leash and splash in puddles...WITH NO BATH AFTER!!!

In honor of this holiday, I asked the lawyers at Taylor King Law about some of the best advice their own fathers ever gave them...and boy did I get some good responses!

  • Richard Bright: "My dad taught me that the secret to being a good person AND to successfully growing giant watermelons are the same: good seeds and growing conditions combined with lots of hard work and love."

  • Jay Neal: "The thing I remember my dad saying most is, 'You may not understand this now, but you will when you get older.' This was most often in reference to a rule or punishment. Now I see it come full circle when I do something my own little girls don't understand or like - like when they're only allowed to eat ONE popsicle or are sent to timeout when they're mean to one another. When they have kids of their own, I hope they're thankful, like I am, that their father gave them guidance and structure out of love." 

  • Russell Marlin: "Never stop moving. Never stop working. You'll rust out before you wear out." 

  • Brian Trubitt: "From watching my father, I learned that family dinner is sacrosanct, and that the thing we honor most is learning. I remember my father has near-zero musical talent but a great love for it. One year in community theater he got the solo role of "A Noble Lord" in "The Mikado," one of his favorite Gilbert and Sullivan musicals. He had exactly one line: 'Why, who are you that ask this question?' He practiced that one line fifty times a day with the greatest pleasure."

  • Noelle Skaff: "When I was little, I was very shy and easily embarrassed, even around immediate family, My dad was the opposite - loud, boisterous, and never met a stranger. He used to tease me by singing in a loud, high pitched voice: Noelle is my sweetheart, she is my pudding pie. She is my honey bunch and I'll tell you why-oh-why: because she lo-oves me, she really, really lo-oves me. He would sing it over and over. It embarrassed me to no end. Once he passed away, however, I wished I had taken the opportunity to record the song to share with my own children."

  • Taylor King: "The best advice my father ever gave me: 'Taylor, get up every morning and go to work.'" 

  • Austin King had to think a while about his answer: "Well, it's kind of a trick question. I'm lucky because I get to see two sides of Taylor King, one being a lawyer and the other being my dad. He taught me the importance of both work and family; there is a specific time and place for both. Taylor King the attorney taught me about doing all I can to help others. He taught me that it's never too late to answer a client's phone call. Taylor King the dad encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to, career-wise. My dad encouraged me to find what I love and pursue it. He never put pressure on me to be a lawyer; he let me find it on my own."

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, whether biological, adopted, or anywhere in-between!

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