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Can you believe it is already November?! We all know what November means. No, not that it’s almost Christmas (although I am more than a LITTLE excited about singing carols). But before we get to Christmas, we have to celebrate one of my FAVORITE holidays. I know I say that about every holiday, but Thanksgiving truly stands above the rest...a day for giving thanks and eating ALL the good things?! C’mon, now...what could be better?

2017 has flown by, and as I look back on the year, so much has happened. I count my pup blessings every night and know that I have so much to be thankful for. I was curious about how my friends at Taylor King Law choose to celebrate, so I polled the staff to get the inside scoop.

How do your own Thanksgiving traditions stack up?
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This year I’ve considered making my own turkey. The lawyers gave me some good tips on what NOT to do…

Jay Neal: We had just moved into our first house in Arkadelphia and I invited my brother and sister over for thanksgiving. I woke up that morning ready to do some realized I forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer the night before. I had to soak it for five hours in hot water before I could get the turkey to thaw enough to do anything with it. Believe it or not, it was still delicious and we had a great meal.

Rusty Mitchell: My family ordered dinner one year thinking it was prepared and it was all frozen, so we had to wait an hour or so to heat it all up.

JP Phillips: I attempted to fry a turkey two years ago and burned it to a crisp. It was completely inedible. Luckily we also had a ham, so Thanksgiving was saved.

Top 3 things some of our lawyers are thankful for this year:

Taylor King: My new grandson Taylor Woods King, my family and friends, and my law practice
Austin King: Taylor Woods, the great friends I have in my life, and a new Star Wars movie!
JP Phillips: Family, friends, and the fact that the Arkansas Legislature is not in session next year.

A little attorney advice to stay safe on the road with Thanksgiving traffic:

Taylor King: Turn off your cell phone; do not respond to texts while driving; remember that distracted driving is the #1 cause of car wrecks.
Austin King: Make sure you are well rested as you travel long distances. Take a break if you are feeling sleepy.
JP Phillips: Never go anywhere in a rush. Arriving 20 minutes late to Thanksgiving dinner is much better than being involved in an accident.

Is there a Thanksgiving dish you can’t live without?

Taylor King: My wife Terri's bacon-wrapped green beans and my mother-in-law Julia’s chocolate pie.
Austin King: Homemade rolls!!!
JP Phillips: Pecan Pie!

If, like me, you like to reminisce on Thanksgivings past, take a look at what I’ve been thankful for in 2015 and 2016!
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