Hey all you pup lovers! I've have a quick little PSA I feel that needs to be addressed...

As the dog days of summer quickly tick by and school approaches there are some things you should remember to do in our great state of Arkansas! Heck- we are the Natural State for a reason, so lets get out and enjoy that Arkansas beauty! Taylor King sent out an email a couple of weeks ago with some great ideas to do in the GREAT outdoors and I'm here giving them my pup print of approval. I love seeing my friends at dog parks, but there are lots of great other HUMAN parks out there to explore too! I say explore with caution though... It's August, which means days with highs of TRIPLE digits (I'm in a fur coat over here so I refuse to go outside without my ice pack "cool collar"...I advise you do the same)! Make sure to leave out lots of water and shade for any pets or plants you leave at home while you are out with friends and family taking in our special state. I'm all down for taking the pets along for the fun but remember to keep yourself (and us) very hydrated! Arkansas has it all- mountains to hike, lakes (even though I'm still a little weary of those big murky baths), rivers to float, forests to camp, and parks to take it all in! Wherever you're going, remember the Taylor King and Associates crew, which includes me, Bradi Bear, wants you to drive safely!! So lets get out there and do it....school is just around the corner! 

Here are some links for some great day trips and things to do:



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